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To discover viable candidates, scour business publications, tap business groups, and get to know online resources like and
My company looks …


Tech Universe: Friday 22 July


Add / Remove SIGNAL MAP: The BBC want to map the UK’s 3G coverage. They’ve asked people to install and use a special Android app …


Whining about revealing wine markups


Add / Remove Is anyone surprised that wine is sold at fancy restaurants at a markup? I’d say no.
But some of the finest restaurants in …


This Week in Small Business: Feeling Bullish


Add / Remove What’s affecting me, my clients and other small-business owners this week.
NEW GOVERNORS, OLD CLICHÉS Maine’s new governor pushes “red tape audits” to …


Meat-free “butcher” capitalizes on health trend.


From a business perspective, however, the idea is anything but bloodless. EatingWell magazine cites meatless meals as a key trend for 2011, as health-conscious consumers cut saturated fat, while innovation firm Springwise names the vegetarian butcher concept among this year’s most promising commerce opportunities.


KLM does charter deal on Twitter


According to, a Dutch filmmaker planning to attend the Ultra Music Festival in Miami tweeted about the lack of a nonstop flight between Amsterdam and Miami.


Opportunity is just around the corner – or around the world


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Campaigns Showcase: BAA’s Heathrow diary flies off shelves


More than 50 broadcast interviews were set up during de Botton’s residency including with BBC Breakfast, BBC Radio 4, CNN, BBC World Service and Sky News. The story also appeared on websites such as and and generated positive conversations about Heathrow.


Spime Watch: Food Tracing


This is the fifth and final post in a series of articles on traceability. Written by Springwise, and supported by IBM. Check out our previous posts on informing consumers about child labour, milk tracking by a Swedish dairy, a registration service for product recalls and supermarkets offering increased food traceability, or read more about building a smarter planet.


Are you paying too much for business services?


Businesses in the set-up phase could also keep costs low by crowd funding, which invites people to invest in your business concept. You can list your business idea online these days at sites like, and


TOMS Shoes’ giveaways helps it stamp towards profit


Another is that this model allows brands to stand out in a crowded marketplace, explains Lisebeth den Toom, senior editor of Springwise, an Amsterdam-based blog and newsletter that tracks new business ideas.


Are you smart enough to drink water?


A new vending machine concept unveiled in the UK dispenses free spring water drinks to those who can prove their mental prowess, reports global trend monitoring website