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If you’re a journalist working on a new business/innovation-related article, and you need a quick quote or insight, feel free to email Chris Kreinczes, Managing Director at Springwise.

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If you’re considering how to describe us, we’d suggest : “Springwise, a London-based independent innovation firm, scans the globe for the most promising new business ideas.”


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Fact sheet

1. About the company

Springwise, an independent new business ideas/innovation firm, scans the globe for the most promising new business ideas. The company was founded in 2002 by trend watcher and entrepreneur Reinier Evers and is headquartered in London.

2. Our spotters network

Springspotters, Springwise’s global network of idea spotters, has 15,000 members in 150+ countries worldwide. They’re our main source when it comes to finding smart new business ideas.

3. Services

New business ideas website and weekly newsletter: more than 150,000 business professionals and entrepreneurs in over 150 countries subscribe to Springwise’s free weekly newsletter, making it the number one publication of its kind in the world.

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If you have any questions or comments, please contact Springwise’s Managing Director, Chris Kreinczes, at

9 Argyll Street
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