Food & Beverage Retail

Cookbooks are great for getting recipe ideas, but fairly useless if they involve ingredients that aren’t within the family budget. Hellmann’s Brazil has already provided meal suggestions based on individuals’ shopping baskets. Now the Netherlands’ Koken met aanbiedingen app offers recipes made of ingredients that are on sale in major supermarkets that day.

Much like other recipe apps, Koken met aanbiedingen features ingredients lists, instructions and photo galleries to guide users through preparation of a wide range of dishes. The app keeps track of the discounted items across Dutch stores including Albert Heijn, Dirk, Lidl, C1000, Jumbo, Aldi and Plus, and all of the available recipes include at least one item that’s currently on sale. The aim is to help households ensure they’re saving money every time they make a meal with a recipe taken from the app. It also includes a savings meter that shows them exactly how much money they’ve saved by using the app. Even if discounts on a particular product come to an end, all of the recipes are archived and can be bookmarked for later use.

Koken met aanbiedingen is available for free on the App Store and Google Play. Are there other ways to tailor recipes to households individual needs?