Retail Style & Design

We’ve already seen letterbox-friendly bouquets courtesy of the UK’s Bloom & Wild. But for those who want to go it alone, Bloominous sources flowers, craft goods and equipment to help anyone take control of their own flower arranging needs.

For those planning weddings, it’s often the case that everything needs to be to the exact specifications of the bride and groom, yet the work that’s necessary to create your own bouquets and floral decorations is huge. Rather than visiting multiple flower farms and local craft businesses to find the perfect ribbon to match a particular rose, Bloominous does the hard work of sourcing materials. Taking from it’s own flower farm as well as specialist farmer’s markets, the company builds curated collections based around themes. Customers are sent all of the materials in time for their event and are able to assemble their own displays to match their tastes. Each kit comes with instructions to get the most out of the flowers.

The idea is that brides and grooms can spend less time trawling Pinterest boards while still adding their own preferences to floral displays. A typical Bloominous bridal bouquet kit is priced at around USD 60. Are there other ways to cater for event organizers without stifling their personal preferences and creativity?