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Stress is typically thought of as having negative health consequences, but it can be difficult to know when or why we become stressed. While tools such as the handheld PIP sensor have previously aimed to let users know when they should relax, Spire is a wearable device that continuously tracks users’ respiration and other metrics, letting them know when they need to take a deep breath.

According to the creators, stress raises tension and causes shallow breathing that can stop oxygen being delivered effectively to the brain and heart. Taking time out to focus on breathing can ease the pressure of stress, but it’s easy to forget. Spire is a device that clips onto any clothes and uses its array of sensors to track respiration rate as well as breathing patterns throughout the day to create a picture of the users’ wellbeing. It also tracks differences in physical activity, such as running, walking, standing, sitting and lying down. Connecting to owners’ smartphones via Bluetooth, the device provides alerts when breathing becomes shallow, as well as advice such as ‘take 10 deep breaths’. Monitoring behavior over both the short and long term, Spire enables users to keep their stress in check and lead a more balanced lifestyle.

Watch the video below to learn more about the device:

Spire is currently available to pre-order for USD 119, although it will cost USD 149 when it eventually hits the market. Are there other health issues that can be unobtrusively tracked like this?