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We’ve seen quite a few startups helping to make mealtimes easier by delivering all of the ingredients for a recipe to the door, most recently in the form of Forage, which selects meals from the menus of high-end restaurants. But for fussy eaters who prefer to choose their own meals, Popcart enables them to simply copy the ingredients from any online recipe and immediately get them delivered through FreshDirect.

The plugin is a small piece of code that can be added to the browser bookmark bar. When users are browsing a recipe that they’d like to make, they simply need to select the ingredients list and click on the Popcart bookmark. The code automatically works out all of the ingredients in the list and matches them with products available through online grocer FreshDirect. A pop-up shows users exactly what’s in the new cart and how much they’ll cost. Items can be deleted or swapped for a different brand before confirming the cart and being taken through to complete the purchase.

The bookmarklet is free to use and works in all areas that FreshDirect delivers to. Are there other ways to guide consumers from content to purchase more seamlessly?