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Whether it’s turning up to an event to find someone else is wearing the same outfit, or spilling a drink down a brand new dress, we’ve all experienced moments where a spare outfit would have been extremely helpful. While the Soho House hotel in London has previously offered an emergency wardrobe service for guests, a new Costa Rican campaign called Closet S.O.S. is delivering a mini store on wheels to anyone in need of a new outfit at the last minute.

Created by marketing agency Ogilvy & Mather as a promotion for the opening of the third Forever 21 fashion store in Costa Rica, the company offered the service to the first 100 fans turning up at the unveiling of the new branch. The lucky attendees were given a cell number they could ring whenever they found themselves requiring some new threads. Regardless of their location, a Forever 21 van stocked with some of its latest collections arrived in response to the call, enabling participants to browse and buy some new clothes.

Watch the video below to learn more about the service:

Although part of a limited marketing campaign for the fashion brand, could a more permanent emergency store service be developed to deliver goods to consumers whenever they need them?