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Ensuring we take advantage of the effects of sunlight is an important part of wellbeing. We recently wrote about Drift, the smart lightbulb that emulates the rhythms of the sun to send users more easily off to sleep, and now CoeLux is enabling anyone to experience tropical, Mediterranean or Nordic sunlight in their own home using false windows with nanoparticle technology.

According to its Italy-based creators, CoeLux uses complex optics to mimic the way the sun refracts through standard glass in particular situations. Using a full-spectrum LED lighting system that can emulate sunlight, CoeLux installations place a light source behind a special blue-tinted pane that recreates the Rayleigh scattering that occurs when light travels through the Earth’s atmosphere. On top of this, the light is also refracted at an angle to complete the impression that it’s coming from outside, rather than the ceiling. CoeLux comes in three options: CoeLux60 offers a tight 60 degree angle often found in hot locations near the equator, CoeLux45 reflects the 45-degree balanced sunlight from the Mediterranean, and CoeLux30 provides a softer, warm light common in Scandinavia.

The system has obvious benefits in the home, enabling residents in any location to enjoy therapeutic sunlight at any time. However, it could also bring daylight to underground locations such as subways, or offer specific mood lighting for museums and exhibitions. Are there other ways to ensure we get enough sunlight — artificial or otherwise?