United States Wise Words with Ryan Frayne on

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Ryan Frayne’s portable Windcatcher air bed uses a unique method that helps it inflate without a pump in under a minute. We hear how Kickstarter – and a bit of luck – helped him succeed.


France Wise Words with Julien Artu on

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We caught up with the founder of France-based Hôpital Affinité to hear what inspired him to develop a social network that helps patients connect with each other during their hospital stays.


Japan Wise Words with Tomonori Kagaya on

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We caught up with the visionary founder of Neurowear to hear more about his recent efforts to deliver music based on the listener’s emotions.


United States Wise Words with Linda Franco on

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Wearable tech startup, Machina, has ambitious goals for transforming fashion’s scope and capability. We caught up with co-founder Linda Franco to find out how the challenge is coming along.


United States Wise Words with Bill Diffenderfer on

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Co-founder of Silvercar, Bill Diffenderfer, aims to simplify the car rental process for quick customer access. He shares his startup insights with us.


United Kingdom Wise Words with John Sjölund on

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John Sjölund aims to increase diabetes awareness through his memory-aiding device, Timesulin. We caught up with John to see how his startup has progressed since our first coverage.


France Wise Words with Catherine Nielsen on

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We caught up with Handpresso CEO, Catherine Nielsen, who shares her ambitious plans for the future of her company’s product – an espresso machine made for use in the car.


United States Wise Words with Matt Dimmer on

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Matt Dimmer is founder of The Extra Mile, a startup that encourages regular fliers to donate unwanted air miles to people who wish to visit relatives suffering from cancer. Here, Matt shares his entrepreneurial insight from the early days of the business.


Singapore Wise Words with Pamela Yeo on

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Pamela Yeo, the founder of Saught – a startup that makes jewellery using the metal from deactivated landmines – shares her entrepreneurial insights.


United States Wise Words with Jack Al-Kahwati on

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Jack Al-Kahwati is the man behind Velo-1 – a smartphone controlled electric bicycle that can control gears and suggest safe routes. Here he fills us in on how business is progressing since we first covered the startup.


United Kingdom Wise Words with Kris Hewitt on

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We chat to the founder of coffee subscription service eightpointnine, which allows users to customize their own blends, about their first year of business.


United States Wise Words with Zahra Aljabri on

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Zahra Aljabri, the founder of women’s fashion label Mode-sty, which focuses on conservative yet stylish items shares her entrepreneurial words of wisdom.


United States Wise Words with Brian Davis on

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Brian Davis, co-founder of StayGreen Oil — which offers a green energy alternative to oil-strapped companies — shares his insights.


United States Wise Words with Robert Barmore on

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Robert Barmore is the man behind Therma-HEXX, a company that produce thermo hydronic panels that can be fitted under patio stones to capture solar energy.