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Flatpack furniture might be easy to transport, but it’s more often than not a total nightmare to build. While in the past we’ve seen flatpacks that take only a coin to assemble, as well as magnetic versions. Now Modos is a modular system that uses clip-together boards to create any piece of furniture.

Modos pieces come in two parts — the boards and the connectors. The boards are made of FSC-certified furniture grade plywood, finished with maple or walnut veneers. The aluminium connectors are slightly tapered, but simply slide onto the boards with a bit of force. They are designed to connect the boards at an angle, meaning that constructions take on a hexagonal fashion.

This gives finished pieces extra strength and durability while also offering a unique design style. Users can connect the boards in any way they want to, creating shelving units, chairs, tables and computer stands. If it needs moving, the furniture can simply be unclipped and flatpacked again.

Check out some of the creations already dreamed up by the Modos team:

Modos recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign, where backers could get their hands on a basic kit with boards for as little as USD 75. However, anyone with carpentry skills can just buy the connectors and source their own wood to begin creating furniture for themselves. Are there other ways to simplify the flatpack process?