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Apps such as Uber, Caarbon and Paris Picnic are all part of a trend to deliver services on demand, offering speedy taxi, valet and impromptu meals at the tap of a button. Following in their footsteps, Bannerman is a San Francisco-based service that provides professional private security for any event or venue at short notice.

Using the startup's site or free iOS app, customers simply select the date, time and location they'd like to hire some extra security. Users also indicate the type of booking — whether they need someone to protect an empty home, act as a bouncer on the door of a bar or private party, or if they just need some security for a commercial venue. Bannerman relies on a pool of working professionals, many of whom are former military personnel. Each worker has passed background checks by the FBI. Venues and event organizers simply pay by credit card through the app and a guard or team can arrive within 30 minutes. Bannerman charges a USD 35 per-hour, per-guard flat rate, which is payable after the event.

The service provides a way for anyone to get high-level, reliable security in the event that a situation requires it suddenly or without notice. Are there other parts of the service sector that could be disrupted with mobile-enabled, super-quick turnarounds such as this?