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When the power goes out, it can often be a hectic rummage around in the dark to find a flashlight — that's if you can even remember where it is. While we've already seen the Bulb Flashlight turn into a convenient battery-powered torch when it's unscrewed, Trioh is a stylishly designed device that serves as both a wireless desk lamp and a flashlight that's always on hand.

The device is an upright lamp that differs from your standard desktop lighting in that it features a dock, making it wireless and portable. When it's on the dock, the lamp is powered by mains and is able to charge, ready for power cuts that render mains electricity unavailable. In the event of an outage at night, the lamp automatically switches on for 15 minutes so residents can still find their way around. The lamp is designed so that it can simply be picked up from the dock and held like a flashlight. By twisting the end, the ambient light becomes a focused beam. Trioh has a third function — as its name suggests — which is that it can also act as a dinner table accent light when removed from the dock.

Watch the video below to see Trioh in action:

Trioh is available to buy for USD 79 following a successful Kickstarter campaign. Are there other ways to make everyday devices more useful in an emergency?