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This is part of a series of articles that looks at entrepreneurs hoping to get their ideas off the ground through crowdfunding. At the time of writing, each of these innovations is currently seeking funding.

Smart lightbulbs aren't a new concept — we wrote about the smartphone controlled NXP system back in 2011 — but so far, they've mostly been limited to the task of illuminating a space. Recognizing that smart capabilities can enable devices to do much more than their original function, LightFreq has created a bulb that offers intelligent audio features on top of smartphone-controlled lighting.

Currently seeking funding via Kickstarter, the LightFreq device is no larger than the average incandescent lightbulb, yet includes a built-in high definition 5W speaker and Bluetooth and wifi connectivity. Along with standard smart bulb features such as remote control, timer functions and color-changing capabilities, the device can also stream music into any room in the house. Users can choose where they want the music to play through the app, which allows them to name each LightFreq according to the room it's in and selecting it. Alternatively, the bulbs can be set to track the location of mobile devices in the house, so that the audio follows users as they move from room to room. With more than one LightFreq bulb installed, the devices can be used as an intercom system since each bulb also has a built-in mic.

Watch the video below to learn more about the smart lightbulb:

LightFreq fits into any standard light fitting and is currently available to pre-order through Kickstarter for USD 70 each. The campaign runs until 4 September. Are there other ways to combine intelligent home functions into a single device?