Springwise Investments is Springwise’s new investment and venturing arm.

Since our foundation in 2002, we have reviewed (with the help of our Springspotters) more than three thousand new ventures. Springwise Investments is the next phase in our development: it will allow us to be more deeply involved with the most promising businesses that we come across on a daily basis.

Our investment focus is on early stage companies that have truly global potential: brilliant startups that are prospective game shifters in their relevant niche. For further details on the kind of companies we are interested in please refer to the Focus section.

Why are we different?

Coming from an entrepreneurial background ourselves, we look to be true partners, and not just investors, to the founders of the businesses we invest in. In particular, we aim to help accelerate international expansion through our 180+ country Springspotters network, as well as provide strategic and business advice when required. We can also assist with crucial hires for growth by reaching out to our 150,000+ subscribers. Please see the Unique Benefits page for further details.

Reinier Evers, Springwise’s founder, is an accomplished trend watcher and entrepreneur. He is also the founder of trendwatching.com.

Zsolt Kohalmi is a co-founder of Meyer Bergman, a retail and real estate focused private equity firm, and has over 16 years investing and entrepreneurial experience. He is a Board Member of Springwise, focusing on providing financial and structuring advice.