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Cocktail lovers who want some new inspiration each month aren’t short of creative subscription services such as Vinyl Me, Please, which combines music LPs with cocktail recipes to try out. However, making sure they have the best ingredients for the job is another thing. TWIST offers monthly boxes of premium ingredients that members can mix and match to create their own cocktails.

Cocktails in bars always taste a bit better than they do if the recipe is emulated at home. In part, that’s because the skilled bartenders are simply better at making them, but it’s also down to the ingredients. Each TWIST box includes high quality spirits and mixers that are usually only found in specialist stores or behind bars — from Vestal Blended Potato Vodka and Noilly Prat Dry Vermouth to Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur and Angostura Orange Bitters. Smaller pieces such as limes and sugar aren’t included, but TWIST notifies subscribers before delivery if they’ll need to get them. Each box comes with a recipe booklet containing 2 classic cocktails, although the ingredients will make up to 6 drinks. Members can decide if they want to follow the recipes or invent their own creations. The booklet also features histories of the ingredients, as well as tips and information from expert mixologists about technique and flavor matching.

The boxes can be purchased as gifts or a monthly subscription, and cost GBP 25 each. There’s also equipment kits available that include a shaker, measuring implements and bar spoon. Are there other subscription services that can help members learn a new skillset?