Wise Words with Joris Bryon and Hannelore Dewaele

Husband and wife Joris Bryon and Hannelore Dewaele are the founders of Timbooktwo, a promotional video company that produces one video for a charity for every one they create for a business. Previously, Joris worked in advertising, as an account director at GGVD, McCann people, and Wanabe, while Hannelore has experience in the social sector and working within tourism. When not travelling for Timbooktwo projects, both are now based in Ghent, Belgium.

For every video made for a tourism company, Joris and Hannah donate their own time and money to produce one for a charity. In the same way online video can help increase sales, they hope footage of their chosen charity projects will encourage charitable donations.

1. Where did the idea for Timbooktwo come from?