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Top 10 innovations in fashion 2018

Fashion is a part of everyone's lives, whether they involve themselves consciously or not. The global fashion industry is worth 3,000 billion USD, 2 percent of the world's entire GDP. With such a weighty importance both financially and personally across the globe, it is vital for fashion brands and companies to stay relevant in the modern world. Innovations in this sector have therefore never been more exciting. From smart clothing designed to monitor the health of the wearer to creative ways to capture consumer loyalty, the possibilities are endless. The varied nature of fashion means that innovative thinking can lend itself to retail solutions, wearable tech, sustainable fabrics, and more. Note: in order to read all the listed articles, a Springwise Access account is required.



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New lightweight, compact, high booster seat

Crowdfunding now on Indiegogo, Mifold has designed a new car booster seat which is lightweight, adjustable, compact and easy to take on trains, planes and ride sharing carpools. Campaign ends 28 September 2018.