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15-second test tells athletes how hard they should train

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Check is a device that determines users' readiness for training both, physically and mentally, through a short daily test.

There are now enough fitness trackers on the market to call it an industry, but there are still innovations to be made. While we’ve previously written about Sensoria — the smart sock that both monitors jogging sessions and also detects injuries — Check is another new device that determines users’ readiness for training, both physically and mentally, through a short daily test.

Developed by Finland-based FAM Sports, the device sits on top of the palm and can be connected to the athlete’s smartphone or tablet. During the test, a disposable electrode is attached to the wrist and a clip is placed onto the thumb. The test uses peripheral muscle reflexes to determine users’ physiological and neurological state, sending a small current through the muscles and measuring how they react. If the athlete hasn’t fully recovered from yesterday’s activities, their reflexes won’t be as sharp. The app also gives users a questionnaire on how exhausted they feel and how much exercise they’ve done in the past 24 hours before offering a ‘Training Readiness’ score out of 100. A high score will encourage them to ‘Keep Going’, while a lower one will suggest that they give today a rest. The video below explains more about the product:

Check retails for EUR 199 and users can top up on electrode strips from EUR 16.95 for a pack of 30. Are there other aspects of exercise that could be tracked, aside from performance?



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