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In Rio de Janeiro, civic complaints collected via hotline and mobile app


First we saw New York establish a dedicated phone number for civic services, then we saw like-minded initiatives from San Francisco, Boston and the Dutch city of Eindhoven, to name just a few. The latest spotting? None other than Rio de Janeiro, which just launched a new system of its own whereby citizens can report problems via app or phone. Rio’s new 1-RIO (1746) phone number is now in place and capable of accepting more than 230 calls at once around the clock. Using it, citizens can report such civic issues as potholes and broken traffic lights. Also available are free, dedicated mobile apps for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia and Windows Mobile that allow geotagged reports with photos. In this era of multiple, always-on communication platforms and heightened accountability, smart governments are doing all they can to forge closer ties with their citizens. Other cities around the globe: what about you? Spotted by: Bruno Altieri



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