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Wet no more

The umbrella vending machine: from Norway, conquering the wet cities of this world?


Taking commodity marketing to a new level: selling bananas and apples by the piece.

Coffee for two

Add / Remove A highly successful alternative to traditional coffee makers Huge corporations sometimes manage to be nimble enough to spot shifting demographics and behaviour before trend watchers run with them. Case in point: electronics giant Philips and global consumer goods manufacturer Sara Lee figured out that in most busy families the big, 12-cup, coffee-all-day […]

Ready to (rep)eat

Sandwiches as a new ‘it’ fast food: Pret A Manger leading the sandwich revolution in Europe , the US and Japan.

Pre-paid prezzies

A new breed of gift certificates: pre-paid cards tailored to retailers in a specific neighborhood or small town.

Small is ‘sundara’

Selling branded consumer goods in smaller doses and packages to low-income consumers in Asia: small sizes may mean big profits for Unilever.

Buy the bed you just slept in

A hotel turns its customer-pleasing innovation into a successful sale item.