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Have phone, will print

Digital printing on the spot from mobile phones and PDAs: with camera-phones rapidly growing in popularity, here’s an equally popular Japanese idea to cash in on this craze.

If you run out of juice

Kiosks for recharging mobile phones and PDAs, popping up in London and Shanghai.

Shopping for the cause

Linking mainstream goods to a good cause: Mecca Cola takes on US giants.

Road warrior

Multi-functional backpacks for modern (wo)men in the US: a designer’s dream waiting to be copied world-wide.


Customized candy — perfect gift, promotional material or office-treat. M&Ms discovers a mass-customisation killer-app.

Smart bars

Sophisticated online monitoring systems for the beverage industry — real time bench marking and video monitoring is saving bars, restaurants and hotels big money.

Trading celebs

Celebrity share-trading game, online and on TV: a cool idea from the BBC, bringing in the money.

Store it, stuff it

Storage solutions for cramped apartments and flats is branding and expanding a niche market that could eventually turn out to be massive.

Planes, trains and automobiles

Portable DVD players and movies for rent on trains and planes: a Parisian venture ensures you will have your own entertainment center when boarding the TGV.


A Starbucks for tea-lovers: how long before tea joins the ‘second living room’ trend? Examples from the US, India and Thailand.