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Frilly but lucrative

Bra straps, revealing skirts, hiphop jewelry and rap snacks: the latest crazes in Japan and the US.

Asian fast food

‘Native’ Asian restaurant chains that may well make it big: cases and ideas from Hong Kong , Bangkok and The Philippines.


We weren’t the only ones that liked Neighborhoodies’ über-local hooded sweatshirts; they’ve done extremely well in the year and a half after we first featured them in the newsletter. And the idea still holds global promise!

Small loans, big ambitions

Providing credit to low-income consumers: an innovative approach to retail banking in Mexico.

A female touch in banking, DIY and fashion

Smart, new concepts focused on women, including new ideas and concepts at Citibank, Home Depot, Tomboytools and Lego.

Is your brand truly everywhere?

In-game advertising: another step towards the omni-presence of brands. McDonald’s, Nokia and Brawls are showing the way.