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Instant bootlegs

On-the-spot burning of CDs has recently opened a whole new market of instant ‘in concert’ souvenirs.

Soap shoes

Slip into these sneakers for some extreme street sporting.

Breath strips

A blast of innovation in the growing segment of breath fresheners. There’s money in mints!

iTunes Music Store

The Apple store is the first affordable alternative to illegal downloads: it’s cool to pay for music again!

DVD singles

A more exclusive heir to the CD single’s sagging throne.

Big Mac? Big Tec!

McDonald’s turns to technology for a boost, trying its hand at automated convenience stores, DVD machines, chat orders, WiFi, and online advertising.

Retail tunes

Selling ‘in-house’ music may be profitable for a host of companies that entertain customers in settings where background music is accepted and often even welcomed.

Taking a break from commercial breaks

A British video-on-demand service dedicates a TV channel to ads, making the rest of its programming commercial-free.

The future of (semi) cooking

British ‘Leaping Salmon’ offers almost-ready gourmet food in handy meal kits, making home cooking a breeze for busy urbanites.

Korean bang rooms

Well-equipped hideaways for playing games and watching DVDs. When will the rest of the world get their private cinemas?

Just don’t drink and drive

Car showroom by day, restaurant by night — another example of smart multi-exploitation of commercial space, from Berlin to Sydney.