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Just dial 311

New York City’s 311 service number could become a model of customer service innovation.


Using ‘citizen reporters’, this online-only South Korean newspaper is a massive hit.

Selling to rural India

The i-Shakti project will enable saleswomen in rural India to access Hindustan Lever product prices and place orders online, from what are, up to now, distinctively offline villages and regions.

M&M’s World

Might seem like a lot of fuss for such a small chocolate covered candy, but four-storey M&M’s World was packed with buying customers when we dropped by in Las Vegas.

Fresh food meets the Web

FreshDirect sells fresh food online that comes directly from farms, dairies, and fisheries, delivered to Manhattan homes or offices, at prices 10-30% lower than other local grocers.

Mass customized cars for Gen Y

Honda and Toyota create vehicles that are both a means of transportation AND a destination in themselves.

MMS postcards

Combining the best of both worlds — MMS snapshots printed on real, paper postcards that are sent to recepients by regular mail.

No rip-off popcorn

The easyGroup has now re-engineered the business of showing films and has removed the frills from going to the cinema.