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Ringtones, the sequel

The ringtones sector is rapidly expanding, due both to the proliferation of new channels and devices, and technological improvement. Two cases in point — Nokia’s 3300 phone & Korea Telecom’s ringback tones.

Billboards are talking back

Battery-powered hypertags allow visitors and passers-by to simply point and click their mobile at a billboard to access additional information and services from the Internet. Everything will be connected to everything!

Coming to a village near you

Get on the bus — the London Fashion Bus, that is — for unique pieces by young designers. Touring Britain to bring fashion to the people.

Virgin Territory

Virgin’s Richard Branson has announced he is planning to launch ‘Virgin America’, a low-cost carrier targeted at the turbulent US domestic market.

Soup up your profits

Launched last year with four varieties, sippable Soup at Hand was one of the most successful new product introductions in the Campbell’s history.

Books, DVDs and… smoked salmon?

Feel like having fresh tuna with your new Nigela cookbook? Good news: is adding a gourmet food store to its online warehouse.

Ready for the EU, ready for low fares

Add / Remove As air travel in Western Europe has become as easy and cheap as in the US, Central Europe couldn’t help feeling left behind. Despite booming economies, former communist states such as Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, and Czech Republic had been mostly ignored by low cost carriers like Ryanair and easyJet, who chose to […]

Game started

The online gaming craze is showing no signs of cooling off. An advertising agency and a university get prepared for the long haul & big profits.

Get dressed

Apple’s user friendly, smart and stylish iSight may just be the push that video conferencing needed.

Not the Four Seasons

British easyGroup has set its sights on one of the missing links in its travel/entertainment empire: accommodation. Welcome to easyDorm!

Mobile merchandise

Brazilian cosmetics firm Oceanic has equipped the majority of its franchisees with Fiat Doblo minivans, which are both delivery vehicles AND shops.