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Microzine Store now open for reading, er… business

Add / Remove What do sophisticated shoppers want? More shelves? Friendlier assistance? For a real innovative twist, try shops that constantly adapt to the world outside shopping. No, this is not about turning shops into celebrations of the experience economy (that’s no longer innovation, it’s hygiene), but rather adjusting stores to the way shoppers do […]

Zingo Taxi: hailing a cab, mobile style

Add / Remove Location based services are becoming a reality — using Zingo in London, you can have a taxi speed to wherever you are, based on your cell phone sending them your exact location. Yes, we know about the eternal promises of location based services (LBS), like lunch specials popping up on your cell […]

Craig’s List & The Sims

Going from online to TV and even the silver screen: Craig’s List and The Sims join the quest for omni-media-presence.

Snap it up!

Japanese Mediastick combines smart barcodes and super-camera phones to facilitate instant purchases.

Don’t convert it yourself!

Get Digital offers a fast, affordable, and easy-to-use method for converting large personal CD collections to MP3s or other digital audio files. It’s niche, and nice!

Krispy Kreme | The Doughnuts that could conquer the world

Krispy Kreme hopes to open up 25 new stores in the UK and Ireland over the next 5 years, and up to 30 in Australia and New Zealand. That still leaves another 100+ countries up for grabs.

Virgin Cars

Revolutionizing the European car market, Virgin is selling cars supermarket-style.

Does your company have its own TV show?

Reality TV: as long as there’s money to be made, the well of new formats won’t run dry. Which show will turn out to be the new American Idol or Swedish Big Brother?