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Vuitton Vault

VIP rooms aren’t just for night clubs, as demonstrated by the vault room at the new Louis Vuitton store in Tokyo. Simply MASSCLUSIVE, dah-ling!

Jong Zuid: Coming to a cell phone near you

A Dutch debut — soap opera by camera cell phone. Get your daily drama fix, wherever and whenever!

Rent a car, for a buck/euro a day

German Maxhopp adds an innovative twist to budget car rental, charging customers next to nothing. How they do it? Read on…

CMOs, Snapple and Miffy *heart* New York

How Snapple snagged a huge consignment and Miffy became New York City’s Family Tourism Ambassador.

Smoking is bad. Art is good

Art*o*mat uses recycled cigarette vending machines to sell original pieces of art.

Getting funky with Afro nostalgia

Talk about a family affair — Sexie Booda’s funked-out-chic Afro Nostalgia bags star the designers’ parents wearing Afros. Hot in London.