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Get y’r juices flowing

Pimpjuice, Liquid Ice and Def Con 3: just three examples of rap stars entering the food & beverage market.

From Formula One to 40 MPH

By introducing Laudamotion in Vienna, fabled ex-Formula One driver and serial entrepreneur Niki Lauda speeds up the expansion of 1 euro car rental.

Paying newsstand buyers a bit of respect

An example of smart, integrated online/offline thinking from one of Springwise’s favorite magazines, Business 2.0.

How Zip got into the Ivy League

Staff and students at Princeton, Harvard and MIT are embracing car-sharing venture Zip Cars.

Get a degree in reality tv

Indiana University is offering its students a very current course. The subject? Reality TV.

Sachet marketing, Asian style

Innovative micro-selling methods continue to reap benefits in parts of the world where purchasing power is modest. Three examples: phone ladies, a smart bus, and Smart Buddies.

Whispering billboards, talkative cab drivers

Straight from London: cab drivers who double as brand ambassadors and the world’s widest billboard, that responds if you wave at it.

Bikes for Africa

A hands-on, non-profit organisation devoted to bicycle refurbishing in Africa.

Teeth are the new lips!

Dental care is white-hot! Recent spottings of innovative products by Crest, Colgate, Aquafresh and Rembrandt.

Scion X goes nationwide in the US

Scion — the first car made specifically for Generation Y — is bringing in young male buyers, 80 percent of whom haven’t owned a Toyota before.

Order a meal for seat 24B

Bringing choice and quality to airline food — you can now order meals from your home or office and have them delivered to you ON the plane.