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Teeth are the new lips (update)

Keep forgetting to floss your teeth? Aquafresh recently launched Floss ‘n’ Cap, a toothpaste tube with built-in floss dispenser. A modest innovation for a massive and wide-open market.


Vending machine update: UK-based Umbrolly is busy installing umbrella vending machines all over London. Franchise, anyone?

Tools for women

An update from the do-it-herself front: Tomboy Tools and Barbara K are tapping into the female half of the home improvement market.

Feeding eBay

Consumers and businesses in Germany and the US can now drop off items they want sold on eBay. How’s that for re-intermediation?

Dylan’s Candy Bar

With its sheer size in floor space and assortment, and some eye-catching design mixed in, Dylan’s Candy Bar makes young and old feel like Willy Wonka. The first true Candy Flagship Store!


Following coffee and tea in Starbuck’s fashion, hot chocolate is just plain hot! Check out Cadbury Cocoa House in the UK, Moonstruck Chocolate Café in the US, and Australian Homemade all over the world.

A simple start-up idea: laminated reference guides!

BarCharts paved the way as the world’s largest provider of laminated reference guides. Only in the US, though. So buy yourself a laminating machine, and get started!

Backpackers Xpress

New airline BackpackersXpress is slated for launch June 2004, and is going after the backpacking party crowd headed to and from Australia . Innovation in the air is booming!

Buying, buying for Baby

Springwise suspects there’s more room for baby megastores than the current seven buybuyBABYs in NY, MD and NJ.

Girls on bikes

Playing the girlie and cuteness cards like few others in the EU or US have done so far, Hero’s affordable-yet-cool bikes from India could attract a cult following in trendy and flat cities. Good import/export opportunity.