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Trade show in a box

DesignAid is a hands-on combination of a magazine about unique materials and technologies, and a box with actual samples of the 20 or so materials and technologies covered in each issue. It’s the first trade show in a box!

A sweatshop-free success story

American Apparel is committed to leveraging art, design, and technology to produce garments of the highest quality, while pioneering industry standards of social responsibility in the workplace. I.e. sweatshop-free!

Coffee pods are about to invade the US

Philips will soon roll-out its Senseo coffee making system in the US, already incredibly popular in Europe. Competition in the coffeehouse-style coffee at home.

Brand Spaces

Coca-Cola’s experimental Red Lounges in American malls offer music, movies and games in a custom-built setting with a plasma-screen media wall and sound domes. And Coca-Cola vending machines, of course. Brand Spaces have arrived.

Cultural currency

Art-Money (AM) works much like a national currency that represents a gold reserve. Will it make for a more colorful world?

Blings and flavas

Even toys are playing to a hip-hop beat, as witnessed by the introduction of Mattel’s Flava dolls and HotWheels’ Blings cars.

Thailand’s Elite Privilege Club

Thailand ‘s Tourism Authority recently introduced the world’s first country loyalty scheme called the Thailand Elite Privilege Club. Membership is by invitation only.