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Heineken consumers who fantasize about having their own professional beer tap will soon be served: Heineken and Groupe SEB (the domestic equipment giant whose brands include Krups, Rowenta, Moulinex and Tefal) have co-created the BeerTender, a draught beer system to be used at home. The specially designed tap and accompanying keg was piloted in the Swiss market, and is now about to be rolled out in The Netherlands, with many other countries to follow soon. How does it work? Consumers insert the proprietary, compact, 4-litre Heineken keg in the BeerTender appliance, which keeps the keg at the right temperature and in optimal condition for a period of three weeks after the first beer is tapped. Beers taste just like they do in a real bar, minus the smoke and corny jokes. The BeerTender will cost EUR 279 (approx. USD 349) and a Heineken keg will set consumers back about EUR 9.49 (approx. USD 11.90), serving up to twenty glasses. (more…)