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Qiblah indicator

Innovative local phone service points faithful Muslims in the right direction.

Saturday-Plus subscription

An innovation in the world of newspaper publishing: Saturday’s paper on your doormat, and in your inbox during the rest of the week.

Novels for the very small screen

Japanese teens are happily reading novels on some of the smallest screens available: cell phone displays!

Fashionable and hospitable charities

Two interesting ideas from The Netherlands, that combine charity with solid business goals.

Cargo Magazine and tween-metrosexuals

Cargo Magazine, the male version of magalogue Lucky , is finally launched. And Procter & Gamble is the first major brand to target junior metrosexuals.

Holographic branding

Danish Vizoo claims to have developed the world’s first holographic films. Watch the demo of a holographic girl undressing in a shop window, and you’ll immediately understand the allure of this (advertising) medium.

Low fare buses in the UK

Megabus and easyBus (will) offer low-cost, no-frills bus travel. All bookings happen online and early-bird bookers can get fares as low as 1 pound.