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Make it snappy!

We’re seeing an early emergence of secondary businesses that cater directly to the needs of companies entering the world of sachet marketing: snappy packing.

Whopla! is the first CELLebrity magazine

Spanking new Finnish weeklies Whopla!, ROCsport.mob and RIENTO claim to be the world’s first mobile magazines. There’s a nice multi-media twist involved as well.

Bearded cream puffs

Make way for yet another phenomenon (and fun business opportunity) from the land of the Rising Sun: Beard Papa’s! Move over, Krispy Kreme?

Got junk?

1-800-Got-Junk has managed to transform the not-so-glamorous business of junk removal into a branded, friendly and even fun experience.

So happy 2together

Aimed at urban couples, Toronto-based 2 Magazine is the first to provide couple-centric entertainment, info rmation, guidance, and advice in an irreverent editorial package.

Sprint slings suds

Sprint teamed up with Cyber Oasis Corp, V-Star, and StewdioMedia Entertainment Group to present The Spot, a cell-phone based interactive reality TV show that follows the lives of Californian 20-somethings.

Wine tasting does Tupperware

By hosting Tupperware-style parties, The Traveling Vineyard and Berry Brothers & Rudd are educating enthusiastic but under- info rmed wine lovers.