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Retail Focus: Only for Dads & Tweens

YoyoMart in NYC and BTween $1 and Five in Dallas have picked succinct shopper segments that were until now not overly catered to: urban dads and thrifty tweens.

Male grooming in Dubai and India

Gillette in India and an exclusive salon in Dubai both target men’s ever increasing vanity. Metrosexuality may be so yesterday, but male grooming certainly isn’t.

Instant replay

On-site download kiosks enable concert goers to download a live recording of the entire performance they just enjoyed in MP3 format, on a USB memory stick. It’s all about LIFE CACHING these days.

NYC’s 311, version 2.0

The initial success of New York City’s 311 service has prompted city government and tourism sectors to set new, loftier goals – 311 is being transformed into a one-stop info source for the city’s vast cultural and entertainment offerings.

Missed out on the SMS/text billions?

Called Chaku-Motion (a trademarked DoCoMo moniker), ring videos are the new, must-have content in Japan. Which means entrepreneurs in the rest of the world get a new business opportunity handed to them on a silver plate.

Islamic tech

In the few short months since our coverage of LG’s handset with an imbedded Qiblah indicator, several companies have joined LG in offering technology specifically targeted to the world’s Muslim population. Segmented mobile content is going to be hot.

Ozon — Still fast, less fat, kid-centric

A newcomer in the fast food market that delivers food for kids (and adults) that’s quick, healthier and fun. Not a single fried item on the menu: welcome to the new world of food on the go.