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India Bike

Yet another stylish product from India ready to be picked up by entrepreneurs in cycle-friendly cities.

Lost and found in the 21st century

Tagging and tracking services for consumers make it easy (and compelling!) for Good Samaritans, lost & found personnel and police departments to return lost or stolen items to their rightful owners.

Hate it? Rate it!

South-African 34007 lets customers text message / sms their rants and raves to suppliers.

Is tea still the new coffee? | An update

This ‘trend’ hasn’t gone totally global yet, so many opportunities remain. From silk sewn pouches to bubble tea, here are some random updates to keep you in the know and get you going.

Let’s all get physical

Fitness segmentation is proving highly succesful, with gyms for women, ‘regular guys’ and kids popping up faster than you can say bench-press.

Aromatherapy on the go

AromaPods from New Zealand ensure that you can get your aromatherapy fix wherever you are. Just twist and sniff!


The new Starbucks for the gaming & manga generation? Being spaces are here to stay.

Yotel’s no frills chic

One of the world’s first NO FRILLS CHIC hotels, set to open in London soon.