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H2Olive | Beauty is only skin-deep

Drinkable olive-based beverage from South Africa: the ultimate inner-outer beauty drink.


What’s better than confetti? Personalized photo confetti!

Sweet and sticky

Customized, hand-made candy, in true retail-theater style from Down Under.

Oil & Vinegar

Selling 25 varieties of olive oil, fast expanding Dutch Oil & Vinegar is set for world domination, SNOBMODDITY style.


SparschweinCashless realization of consumer dreams: a new savings concept from Germany.

Bag Borrow or Steal

Netflix for designer handbags: there’s no stopping UBER PREMIUM rental business models.

The New Male

Men now make up 29 percent of all spa goers. Here’s a telling update that includes inspirational salon/spas/barber spottings from around the world.