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My twinn

It’s definitely a personalized world out there, so how about a tailor-made, miniature version of… oneself? My Twinn and AndGor Toy Company explore the future of GRAVANITY!

Supermarkets for seniors

Austrian Adeg Aktiv Markt 50+ is walking the walk when it comes to catering for older consumers: its supermarkets for senior citizens offer everything from reduced-glare lighting and slip-proof flooring to wider aisles and easier-to-navigate parking spaces.

Family dinners, 24 at a time

Meal preparation services like Dream Dinners take the hassle out cooking healthy and delicious dinners. They do the shopping and cleaning, consumers do the cooking (up to 24 dinners at a time) in professional cooking studios.

The wrapping IS the gift

In an intangible world, will the wrapping become the gift? ‘It’s a Wrap’ and Soolip are at the forefront of this beautification development.

Driver, take me to a greener planet

Boston-based PlanetTran uses nothing but environmentally friendly hybrid cars vehicles for its livery service. A world’s first?

Cajeta | Create your own ‘it’ food!

Will Mexican goat’s milk candy be the new ‘it’ snack for trendy candy-lovers? It could be if you want it to.

Wine tastings, smart cards included

Automated wine tasting bars allow patrons to hang out, buy by the glass, and try before they buy the bottle. Will advertising become TRYVERTISING?

Really super-fast pizza

If you want to revolutionize your industry, how about making the rules of the game more mobile? Super Fast Pizza operates out of delivery vans decked out with professional kitchens, leaving 30 seconds between a hot pizza and front doors.