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From Chicago, Istanbul and Sao Paulo, three great examples underlining that retail formats and shopping habits continue to blend, turning everything into easy-to-ogle, easy-to-customize, and easy-to-buy.

Perfume meets retail theater

From Oman: the house of Amouage opened a perfume bar in Oman, complete with inverted perfume bottles, bar-style seating, and knowledgeable perfume baristas who decant 25 ml perfume pegs for customers. Now that’s retail theater!

Urban farming

Companies like Omlet, Kuhleasing and Crushpad are making it fun for (sub)urban consumers to either grow and produce their own food, while adding a dose of convenience to the fast growing organic movement.

TRYVERTISING intermediairies

Making the best use of ‘voluntarily captive audiences’, Vacation Connection facilitates sampling in holiday destinations. TRYVERTISING at its sunniest!

Cruises for the mass class

With the launch of the 289-foot-long easyCruiseOne, budget travelers will be able to invade the playgrounds of the rich and famous on one-week itineraries that allow them to embark and depart at any port along the route.

Design or die!

In designing E-Go laptops, Dutch computer company Tulip claims to have developed the first personalized lifestyle computer, aimed at female users. The next chapter in design as the main USP?