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How could we not like Australian sneaker store Hype DC? Basically a retail version of the Springwise philosophy (‘we search the globe so you can have it first’), Hype provides sneakerheads with the latest models, all the latest styles, in 9 stores in Sydney and Melbourne. In their own words: “the fact is that the funky footwear business is still driven from outside of Australia. We are about bringing the latest styles from London and Europe and making them available here, and first!” As simple as that, yet it’s a proposition that Springwise believes should be spelled out more often by other merchants and entrepreneurs: from our travels, we know that the wish to ‘stay on top of what the rest of the world is doing’ is consistently rated highly by savvy consumers from Hong Kong to Dubai.


Obviously, a sneaker store is nothing new, but Hype DC cleverly turns the whole limited edition craze and global quest for the latest and greatest into a well designed, extendible concept that would work well worldwide. And of course there’s more than a hint of CURATED CONSUMPTION in here, which our sister publication TRENDWATCHING.COM will discuss in its upcoming August newsletter. Springwise would not be surprised to see a chain of stores offering the latest in lifestyles, with dedicated corners for goodies from leading metropolises like New York, London, Paris, Tokyo and Sydney. So, which global purveyors of ‘cool’ will build the next ‘Hype’, ‘Fad’, or ‘Craze’? More handheld goodness: it may be autumn in Brazil right now, but last summer’s sensation, spicy flower ice creams, can still make it big this summer in Europe and North America. Pioneering this delicacy is ice cream shop Mil Frutas (Portuguese for a thousand fruits), which sells exotic mixes of fruits and spices that have resulted in flavors such as apricot & thyme, watermelon & ginger, Sicilian lemon & rosemary, pineapple & cayenne pepper, green grape & basil. Absolute hit this season was the creamy ‘capuchinha flower ice cream’ – slightly spicy, sweetened with honey and sprinkled with poppy seed. Sounds good! Want to get in on this game? Visit Mil Frutas’ Jardim Botânico shop or their Ipanema café, or better yet, partner with them to bring their ice cream or even their shops to the rest of the world. Just when Springwise thought it had seen every MASSCLUSIVITY angle to the limited edition craze, VIP lounge ropes, pop-up stores and curated collections, here comes less-than-a-year old Austrian One Day One Bag, a company that designs (you guessed it) one unique bag a day. Each bag comes with its creation date, and the signature of the designer, Sabine Fasching. One Day One Bag should provide marketers and designers with plenty of inspiration. Taking the ultimate limited edition strategy from the Vuitton approach to the masses opens up great opportunities for crafty entrepreneurs or big companies looking for PR generating stunts. Works for bags, for clothes, for mobile phones, for sneakers, for furniture and so on. The concept is here, the technology to build and sell it readily available: now it’s up to you to make some money off it! Where beer meets MASTERS OF THE YOUNIVERSE: Australia’s Brewtopia lets its customers design their very own beer online in just 4 minutes. Brewed, bottled and branded with one’s brand, event name, personal message or logo, for AUD 39.95 a case, including delivery. The bonus? A share in the brewery with every purchase. In their own words: “It’s about Owning the Beer You Drink”. As TRENDWATCHING.COM predicted, look for custom-made to become CUSTOMER-MADE if not Customer-Owned. In fact, Brewtopia perfectly addresses every consumer’s deepest desire: to stand out and to be part of something at the same time. What part of your business could you share with your customers? Bars, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets: there’s a stickiness at play here that has been experimented with in the past, but not enough… and the time could be right to give it another shot.

Buy Me One

More debauchery: Corney & Barrow, one of London’s Financial District’s largest bar operators, makes it possible for people to buy their friends a drink online (from beer to Jesus Juice to bubbles). Users of the Buy Me a Beer service go to Corney & Barrow’s website, select a drink (by glass or bottle), pay by credit card, after which a text message (SMS) with a code is sent to their friend. The happy recipient then presents his or her phone with their virtual voucher on it to any Corney & Barrow bar to redeem their free drink. Not spotted outside the UK yet, and it should work for all kinds of services, from gifts to dinners. As the entire world has a cell phone these days, with even Americans taking to texting… Cheers! Invented in Italy (where else), cone shaped pizzas — think pizza slice meets ice cream cone — are the latest fast food craze. Kono Pizza offers the convenience of eating on the move without making a mess. The EUR 1.50 cones are filled with the desired toppings, then cooked in a special oven in only three minutes. Kono currently runs 5 restaurants in Italy (Rome, Milan, Verona, Udine, Salerno), and is actively looking for franchisees. It has already sold the concept to entrepreneurs in Spain (Madrid), Germany (Kassel), Kuwait and Indonesia (Jakarta), and has apparently also installed its first oven in Harrods, London. That leaves another 185 or so fast-food obsessed nations hungry for the next hot thing in snacking and obesity. Brooklyn, NY based Daylo enables its users to buy, sell and exchange all kinds of services in their area. Think Craigslist focusing exclusively on empowering buyers of immediate and ultra specific service needs, from in-home personal chefs to pet shepherds to film grips. And as it’s all about trust and relevance when it comes to finding the right service, Daylo incorporates personal profiles, portfolios and ratings of its users. Now available in 407 US neighborhoods, with 1508 members on board, the company expects ‘to be worldwide soon’ according to their website. Which means they’re going to need help. And partners. And some healthy competition. In a world full of Free Agents, Solopreneurs, Freelancers, and a renewed interest in ‘Small is the new Big’, Springwise thinks this is a winner. It’s not just pizza cornettos attacking hamburger and hot dog strongholds: make way for the Rice Burger! From Toowong Village Shopping Centre, Brisbane, Australia based And Rice Burgers (no website yet) to fast food giant Japanese MOS Burgers, rice patties are well positioned to replace their traditional counterparts, with flat cakes of baked rice taking on ‘normal’ buns. Will you be the first one to introduce rice burgers to your city or even better, country? Traditional burgers won’t give up that easily, though: São Paulo’s Lanchonete da Cidade is leading the way in a bossa nova burger revolution in Brazil, which (with all things retro and/or Brazilian still hot, hot, hot) should get any switched-on, tuned-in entrepreneur going. Don’t wait until Bossa Style takes over entertainment venues from Helsinki to Hong Kong, but be the first one to open up a bossa nova lounge or eatery in your city. It makes for a great excuse to do some field research in São Paulo 😉 Is Springwise alone in thinking that it’s ridiculous that so many households still don’t have smoke alarms? To the rescue (and detecting profits) comes Snap Alarm, a Swedish company that has designed an optical EUR 40 smoke alarm that is easy to install in as many rooms as needed. The patented installation technique involves a click-and-go system, which should fit most cords, chains and rods up to 2 cm in diameter, doing away with the need to drill holes. Snap Alarm seems open to partnerships and distributors, so if you want to make the world a safer place and make some money in the process: drop them a line at The truly clever will also hook up with insurance companies to help fire up awareness amongst their customers. A win-win if we ever saw one. Coming to the rescue of time-starved parents is Indianapolis-based Oogles n Googles, an all-inclusive themed party provider. The new franchise specializes in story-lined birthday parties for children. The company first launched their franchise program in Spring 2004 and now has franchises in 15 US cities, with another 20 locations to be added soon. Activities that kids will find themselves doing during an Oogles n Googles party include: crafts, singing, dress-up activities, playing party games, dancing, and being entertained. The birthday girl or boy can choose from such themes as Tea Time, Rev Your Engines, Wizard School, Down on the Farm, I Spy Detective School, Once Upon a Time and Swashbuckling Pirates.


Join their franchise program, set up the inevitable competing brand, or roll out the concept in other countries. Profits could be pleasant: we’re talking a one billion dollar market in the US alone! Beautiful people have always had it easier, but in today’s appearance-obsessed society it really pays to be one of the Beautiful Ones. As no event, party, night out, shopping spree or fancy dinner is complete without pretty people serving, tending, hosting, welcoming or just chatting, a whole new market for renting out aspiring models who can just ‘be’, is opening up. Witness the success of Dutch temp agency Models at Work, which has 150 aspiring/beginning models on file. Corporate clients like Martini, Bacardi, Moet & Chandon, Coca Cola, Puma, G-star, Cartier, MTV, Elle, Esquire, T-Mobile use the agency to make sure their corporate and marketing events are chockablock with easy-on-the-eyes Dutchies. To stay true to the company’s name, some of them will actually do some work, manning the bar or checking coats, though others are just eye-candy, mingling with guests, or injecting the dance floor with a dose of it-ism. Let there be no doubt: this is serious business, as there’s tons of work to be had. Just the collapse of traditional advertising and the subsequent shift towards real-time, in the flesh promotional events and branding experiences means there will be an insatiable need for model-like bodies to fill galleries, tents, ballrooms, bars and lounges, in virtually every city around the world. For those of you who are ugly: start your own modelsatwork and taste sweet revenge by making the pretty people work for you!