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Hype stores

A sneaker store is nothing new, but Australian HypeDC cleverly turns the whole limited edition craze and global quest for the latest and greatest into a well designed, extendible concept, which is all about ‘being first’.

Flower Ice Cream

Brazilian ice cream parlor Mil Frutas sells ice cream flavored with exciting and exotic mixes of fruits and spices. Time to spread the joy to the rest of the world!

Bag the only one

One unique bag a day. A smart concept, and excellent inspiration for marketeers looking to create a bit of MASSCLUSIVITY buzz.

Brewtopia & Buy Me One

Australia’s Brewtopia lets its customers design their very own beer online in just 4 minutes AND gives them a share in the company, while London based ‘Buy Me A Beer’ combines web & sms to let people virtually buy their friends a real drink.

Cone shaped pizzas

A slice of pizza with the handling ease of an ice cream cone. The next fast food craze (and franchise opportunity)?


Brooklyn, NY based Daylo enables its users to buy, sell and exchange all kinds of services in their area. Craigslist going niche, and a perfect new business idea for a free agent world.

Rice Burgers & Bossa Nova Burgers

From Japan, Australia and Brazil come alternatives to the traditional hamburger.

Snap Alarm

Swedish Snap Alarm has designed a smoke alarm that couldn’t be easier to install. Just snap and go. Do we detect a smokin’ hot distribution opportunity here?

Oogles ‘n’ Googles

This US-based company specializes in story-lined birthday parties for children. Swashbuckling Pirate parties could bring in plenty of booty for new franchise holders, in what is now a one billion dollar market.

The Beautiful Ones

Dutch temp agency Models At Work has found its niche: supplying event organizers with pretty people for work and decoration.


Airbrush tattoos — they’re the body art equivalent of fast food, with a similar global appeal that should get entrepreneurs excited.


Fundable is a peer-to-peer service that lets groups of people pool money in ‘group actions’, for whatever goal or purpose they like. Consumer Power 2.0?