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Candy cool

From Down Under, a cool candy retail trend is spreading: Springwise already has reported on Sweet and Sticky and Suga Candy Kitchen in Sydney and Melbourne. Now, add Brisbane to the list with Cane & Able, while the Australian founders of Papabubble have set up shop in Amsterdam, Tokyo and Barcelona, taking the concept across the globe.


Opening its doors in 2004, New Jersey based eMachineShop solidly puts the power of designing and manufacturing into the hands of individual creators (formerly known as consumers). It’s a whole new world as GENERATION C goes 3D!

Drive-by gyms

Rio de Janeiro’s Bus Bike must be the word’s first mobile and moving gym. Think a totally modified bus offering indoor bike classes, including an instructor, dressing room, fridge, and sound system. Going to the gym will never be the same.

Experience stores

Let’s face it: from the moment human beings turned into avid consumers (moving from defense and protection to enjoyment as their main goal in life), we’ve been living in an entertainment economy. Which is why it is quite surprising that it took so long for dedicated experience stores to pop up. Take a cue from A Vida E Bela and Signature Days to get started.


Traditional advertising is dead, so how about sailvertising? SailsVision has developed a patented printing technique that will enable sponsors and advertisers to use yachts and catamarans as floating outdoor media. Think gigantic 25 meter, eight-floor building style photographic ads, like the ones you now see on scaffolding around the world, vying for the attention of beach goers or party crowds at the 59th Cannes Film Festival or the America’s Cup.

Soap strips

The SACHET MARKETING craze continues: make way for Soap Leafz, which consist of sheets of pure soap (available in 6 swanky colors and 4 fragrances) and Laundry Leafz, which come in a compact case filled with leaves of detergent that dissolve instantly in warm water. Convenient for use in teeny tiny washing basins, while traveling etc.

Shelfspace for minipreneurs

For minipreneurs wanting to sell in the real world, it doesn’t get better than retail space by the shelf in shops like Yokozuna, Emerge and RAG. It’s a win-win: consumers get direct access to truly original goods, services and experiences, while designers can just get started: no contracts, utility bills or advertising strategies necessary.

Gravanity banking

Add / Remove Dutch bank the Postbank is offering customized ATM cards. Customers can upload a photo, edit it in the paskamer (fitting room) and receive their personalized, working bank card within six days. Soft launch for now: no advertising and lots of blog coverage. For a limited time only, the cards are free; they’ll […]