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Raising the rent

How to revolutionize an industry by raising hyigiena standards, as demonstrated by Australian redroomdvd and DVD Station from the States. Both are examples of DVD rental, new and improved.

Seasons 52: Peace of mind menus

A sophisticated grill and wine bar that only serves dishes under 475 calories: it’s exactly what choice-fatigued and health-concerned consumers are looking for.

Kitchenless restaurant

Food Facility, a temporary restaurant slash art statement in The Netherlands, creates a unique BEING SPACE. Fun and thought-provoking!

Livery service for a clean(er) conscience

Eco-livery car services are spreading: New Yorkers can now call OZOcar and LA has had EcoLimo for a while.

Booth your ego

Although MYSQ booths aren’t yet commercially available, their GRAVANITY-appeal and clever technology could make them a big hit with the growing legions of video-cameraphone owners in Japan and the rest of the world.

Donny Cards

Selling donations in the shape of telephone cards? Ease of use, combined with a fun approach and bite-sized portions, make Donny Cards a prime example of non-profit sachet marketing.

Wallpaper 2.0

Wall coverings for singles and the world’s first magnetic wallpaper: both are signs that a lucrative market is emerging in the business of wall decorations.


When they’re online, consumers rely on Google to bring them instant answers, and they’re starting to expect the same instant knowledge gratification to be available in the offline world. Using REDphone, that’s exactly what real estate agents can offer potential buyers.