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Curated wining

Vino 100 brings clarity to an often confusing business; its fast growing franchise formula offers consumers one hundred great wines for USD 25 or less.

Auto shops by the hour

French O’garage offers car enthusiasts professionally equipped garages, for rent by the hour, or even half an hour.

Shoot and know

Dutch ShotCodes enables interaction between real world objects, and online camera phones. Shoot and know!


A new way to target the Pink Pound: Denmark’s GayMobile service goes after Danish gays offering everything from cheap calls to ABBA ring tones.

Laundry chic

Add / Remove There are still plenty of stale service industries that would benefit from a Starbucks-style overhaul. Which, for true Springwise enthusiasts, spells endless OPPORTUNITY. What, for example, about laundrettes and dry cleaners, often synonymous with sloppy service, harsh chemical treatments, not to mention quit a bit of hassle? (Don’t get us started on […]

Buy room 387

UK based Guest Invest offers individuals the opportunity to own a fully managed, luxury London hotel room, ranging in price from GBP 140.000 to 300.000 for a 999 year lease. The benefits for customer-owners? Split revenues and 52 nights a year for a small fee.


Make way for Bikevertising: Amsterdam’s RedStarMedia offers students in 22 university cities in The Netherlands gratis bicycles, plastered with ads. Advertisers will pick up the annual EUR 600 tab per bike. A real win-win.