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Ranking Ranqueen

Curated retail has never been more popular: Japanese Ranking Ranqueen only sells top ranking items, with selections based on sales data from big Tokyo department stores and independent research. Choice anxiety no more!

Being spaces for writers and parents

The “third room” trend is alive and kicking: Paragraph and The Village Quill in New York offer flexible work and being spaces for writers, while Two Rooms has the added benefit of childcare. A minipreneur business for minipreneurs.

After-9 & Max Delivery

Who would have thought: under-an-hour delivery of groceries and other urban necessities, ordered online, are back. Spottings from Istanbul and Lower Manhattan.

Teatr Rozmaitosci

Bringing theatre plays to the living room, Polish Teatr Rozmaitosci is all about INSPERIENCES. Finally some B2C innovation in the somewhat staid world of theater and performances?


By placing branded water coolers in stores like Kmart and CVS, AquaCell Media is bringing free water to consumers and new, premium ad space to advertisers. Call it coolertising, or yet another piece of the future of advertising puzzle?

Onsite haircuts and dentistry

Springwise has a weakness for new business ideas on wheels, bringing the goods or even the ‘production facility’ to the office or home. This month: onsite dentists and mobile hairdressers.


Danish Mormor sells children’s knitwear from Denmark, handmade by grandmothers and appealing to a modern desire for old-fashioned quality and retro styling. Can you say storytelling and senior citizens and authenticity?

Stop Gap Sofas: weekly couch rental

A niche business for a niche need, with some juicy expansion opportunities? Check out this short term sofa rental business from the UK.

Start Mobile

Wallpaper for cell phone screens is nothing new, but Start Mobile is the first gallery dedicated to selling original artwork for cell phones, all by emerging artists. Even if it would only bring in a fraction of ring tone riches, this is still a nice business opportunity for mobile entrepreneurs and art dealers around the world.

I am Verity

The (pre) recording artist as a MINIPRENEUR: South African singer Verity is raising cash to record her first album, by pre-selling cds to an online audience. Why does Springwise suspect this is just the beginning? In the online world, every day brings us yet another new business model!