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Mobile tryvertising

Add / Remove To launch its 3G network last fall, Vodafone Australia commandeered two big red buses and morphed them into mobile concept stores, packed with 3G phones and other gadgets. Adding a dash of sympvertising, the Vodafone buses provided a free commuter shuttle service in Sydney and Melbourne, with Vodafone’s promotional teams demonstrating 3G […]

Clean ears for clean profits

Add / Remove Following Brazilian waxes and Indian eyebrow threading, Japanese ear cleaning could well be the next hit in salon treatments. In Tokyo, shops are popping up that specialize in cleaning people’s ears. Using an ear-pick equipped with a tiny camera, professional ear cleaners can show clients exactly how much wax is being removed. […]

Easy installation, no hard sell

Add / Remove Navigation systems, mp3 enabled hifi sets, speed camera sensors… As straightforward as installation may seem when a customer buys the gadget, as hard as it gets when the wires are out of the box, and said customer is folded in two under the dashboard, trying to connect B6 to R12. Fitting stations […]

P&G helping Kenyan schoolgirls

Add / Remove In Kenya, Procter & Gamble has just launched a two-year programme that will supply over 600,000 underprivileged girls with sanitary towels to ensure they remain in class during menstruation. A large number of girls in rural Kenya skip school during their monthly period, because their families are too poor to buy sanitary […]

Member’s bar for everyone

Add / Remove Ministry of Sound, the biggest brand in clubland, is launching a new chain of bars this Friday, 31 March 2006. The first Minibar is in Harrogate, Yorkshire, and there are plans to open another thirty in major towns across the United Kingdom. Since November of last year, relaxed licensing laws have made […]

Boomer tones

Add / Remove Just when you thought the ringtone craze had reached its peak, a new ringtone provider springs up and grabs your entrepreneurial attention. Although it also offers popular―some would say hackneyed―classics like Für Elise, Booseytones‘ main attraction is its wide range of less overworked ringtones. Being the world’s largest publisher of classical music, […]

Retail approach to recycling

Add / Remove Whether ignorant or just plain lazy, plenty of consumers and businesses don’t make the effort to recycle electronics. Which is why Green Citizen‘s drop-off center and pick-up service are great concepts – they make it convenient for people to recycle unused electronic equipment. In their own words: “we want to make recycling […]

No-frills chic, Indian style

Add / Remove Back in 2004, wrote about IndiOne, a pilot for no-frills chic hotels in India. Now, the IndiOne in Bangalore has been renamed Ginger, and an ambitious roll-out for the new brand has been unveiled. While India’s economic growth has fuelled the arrival of a number of low-cost airlines, and domestic travel […]

From slogans to sales

Add / Remove Brought to t-shirt aficionados by the makers of Threadless, the website that lets its members choose which customer-designed t-shirts should be printed, OMG Clothing turns the model upside down. Instead of submitting ready-to-go illustrations, members submit slogans such as ‘Squirrels Are Nature’s Ninjas’. The website’s other members then rate the slogans (either […]

A deal a day

Add / Remove What’s the ultimate in curated consumption? Limiting your customer’s choice to one product a day. Add a pinch of eBay-style excitement and bargain hunting, and you end up with Woot! (“one day, one deal”) and iBood. Woot founder Matt Rutledge came up with the concept back in 2004, as an internet offshoot […]

Sparking curious young minds

Add / Remove With Nintendo DS and instant messaging gobbling up children’s time and attention, low-tech alternatives are on many parents’ wish lists. The Little Experience began when its British founder, Tai Broadhurst, wanted to keep her two sons occupied after her twin daughters were born. In her own words, Tai wanted toys and activities […]

Hailing a hybrid

Add / Remove The Toyota Prius, the world’s most popular hybrid car, emits half as much carbon dioxide as a traditional black cab does. This made it an obvious choice for greentomatocars, an environmentally friendly cab service in London that was launched on 1 March 2006 and was founded by two young ex-City lawyers. Hybrid […]

Shoot & share

Add / Remove A recent marketing campaign by IceMedia Shoot & Share for ABN Amro‘s student banking division in The Netherlands included parking a big green couch in 20 student cities during freshman introduction week. Students’ pictures were taken and posted to a “Pimp my Room” web site (the event was tied to a co-production […]

Mms-ing local government

Add / Remove Initiated in February 2005, Love Lewisham involves residents in keeping the southeast borough of London clean. After installing special software on their cameraphone, observant townspeople can snap a picture of ‘offending graffiti’ or overflowing litter bins, enter location details, and send it to the local council. The picture is then posted on […]

Wrapped in gravanity

Add / Remove Following personalized stamps, dolls, bank cards, confetti and wallpaper, how about personalized wrapping paper? Virginia based PicturePaper lets customers create and order customized wrapping paper online. The process is simple: select a design, upload a photo and enter order details. The paper is printed and shipped within five business days, and the […]

Google Idol

Add / Remove The road to fame for a would-be pop idol is no longer limited to competitive tv shows on big networks. Talent is taken online by Google Idol, which puts publicly submitted videos from Google Video in a head-to-head knockout tournament of 4 heats and 2 semi finals leading up to a grand […]

Five star hotel for cars

Add / Remove Located in Antwerp, Belgium, The Engine Room is a combination of a five star hotel for cars, and a members club for their owners. Members of the Engine Room store their darlings in a modern, heated and well-secured warehouse with climate control optimized for preventing corrosion. Cars can be picked up 24/7, […]

Consumer generated power

Add / Remove Until fairly recently, wind turbines were huge structures that were only available for commercial use in turbine parks or empty rural areas. No longer so. Consumers can now choose from various wind turbines for residential use. For GBP 25,000, consumers can purchase beautifully designed, ‘elegant’ wind power from Quiet Revolution. One Quiet […]

Frozen food bistro

Add / Remove In Paris, bistros are synonymous with cheap and cheerful food. In Hamburg, FRoSTA Bistro serves cheap and cheerful frozen food. We’ll refrain from cracking jokes about German cuisine, as this actually isn’t a bad idea. FRoSTA, a mid-sized, forward thinking company with an active blog, manufactures premium frozen foods that are completely […]

Driver’s ed for customers

Add / Remove Maruti Udyog, India’s largest car manufacturer, has taken a matter-of-fact approach to broadening its customer base. Want more people to buy your cars? Teach them to drive! The Maruti Driving School was established to provide the best driving training in India. State of the art facilities include driving simulators imported from France, […]