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Retail approach to recording

Add / Remove Taiwanese Timestudio (Hua Shi Dai) offers studio recording sessions for everyone. Located in the busiest pedestrian areas in Taipei, Timestudio’s two mini-recording studios let consumers record a professional cd for around USD 30. The studio features a sound booth and a control room manned by a professional audio engineer. A glass wall […]

Story-driven fashion

Add / Remove Like a wearable magazine , T-post is a t-shirt subscription based on news stories. Every six weeks, the Swedish company takes a new item that has caught their attention, and designs the next t-shirt based on that story. Recent examples include ‘Like Love on Demand’ (March issue, above left), sparked by a […]

On-demand air service

Add / Remove Business travelers without corporate jet privileges will soon be able to travel in style, as DayJet, the world’s first ‘per-seat, on-demand’ jet service, is launching in the Southeastern United States later this year. DayJet’s point-to-point serivce will connect smaller cities that currently have little or no scheduled service. Customers pay per seat, […]

Chocolastic | Update

Add / Remove A few years ago, we wrote about the rise of chocolate as a snobmoddity. Two recent spottings from the dark and delicious world of cocoa: Chocolate bars and lounges have mushroomed globally, and Meiji’s 100% Chocolate Cafe in Tokyo’s Kyobashi district is the freshest of the lot. Designed by Masamichi Katayam (of […]

Cash back pour le team

Add / Remove is a French service that offers its members cash back for purchases made online, as well as a percentage of purchases made by their team members. How it works: after signing up, members are given an email address. When they buy online from a partner store, they use this address […]

Snowboard for the street

Add / Remove A modification of skateboards, Freebords are designed to mimic the behaviour of a snowboard on a ski slope. Not only are they larger than standard skateboards, they also include two additional castor wheels down the center line of the board, sticking out just a bit more than the four side wheels, and […]

Insperience creators

Add / Remove US-based Magnolia, a division of Best Buy, is turning the art of installing home theatres—from reclining seats and huge screens to sophisticated sound systems—into a branded, nation-wide business: “Magnolia is the new service that will customize your home theater and make it all work together”. In other words, they tell consumers what […]


Add / Remove Launched last week by two young British entrepreneurs, tribewanted is creating a global tribe that will develop a sustainable eco-community on an island in Fiji. In what seems like a hippie dream crossed with an episode of Survivor, tribewanted is looking for 5000 people from around the world to become part of […]

Simplicity & selling wine

Add / Remove While wine continues to gain in popularity, many consumers have trouble picking a bottle they’ll like. Especially in wine stores that seem to revel in complicating matters by pointing out tannins, mouthfeel, and appellations. Grapedistrict‘s founders decided to simplify things. Their sleek, modern Amsterdam shop has done away with the wood-paneled, oak-barreled […]

Niche-niche skincare

Add / Remove Inky Loves Nature makes vegan skincare for women of colour. Created by UK native and long-time vegan Leesah B, and based in New Jersey, Inky Loves Nature produces products from community traded and traditionally extracted exotic butters and oils from Africa, biodynamic herbs, and other minimally processed plant based ingredients. Exclusively vegan […]

Pop-up drive-in movies

Add / Remove Hot on the tail of pop-up retail, comes pop-up entertainment. California-based MobMov is a drive-in movie system built into a car, that pops up at different locations every week. MobMov, which is short for mobile movie, was founded last year by Bryan Kennedy, a 25 year old web developer who wanted to […]

Customer-made flavours

Add / Remove Austrian manufacturer Frenkenburger is asking customers to come up with new flavours for its all natural hemp milk drink, Trinkhanf. Made from ground hemp seeds, hemp milk is highly nutritious – hempseed is high in protein, amino acids and essential fatty acids, making it one of the most nutritionally complete food sources. […]

Minipreneur travel agents

Add / Remove Joining the customer made revolution, Belgium tour operator Wasteels has set up a division called Club Tours, which allows amateurs to create travel packages that are sold to the company’s customers. Every demographic group has its own needs and wants when it comes to travel, and travel agents have long catered to […]

Umbrolly | Update

Add / Remove Two years ago, we wrote about Umbrolly, a British umbrella vending company that was just getting started. The company places umbrella vending units in public spaces, selling advertising space alongside brollies. Since then, the concept has come along nicely. Umbrolly won funding in the Dragon’s Den, a BBC television series that lets […]

Infolust on the go

Add / Remove Deviating from our normal pattern of one idea per article, we thought we’d dive into’s trend of the month and offer you a selection of the new business opportunities that infolust is giving rise to. Brief background for those of you who missed the briefing: instant information gratification is upon us. […]

Gravanity dolls | Update

Add / Remove Red Dot Concept, a Singaporean manufacturer, creates ceramic caricature dolls based on photos supplied by customers. Artists make the dolls by hand, with a 65-75% resemblance to the pictures. (They are caricatures, after all.) Customers can choose between a fully handmade doll, which includes not only the facial features and hairstyle, but […]

Going after female drivers

Add / Remove Australian SHEdrives is bent on making the automotive industry female friendly. Whether it’s assisting women in buying a car online from their virtual dealership, discussing auto fashion, or training dealer sales staff, the aim is to make the process of buying a car easy and fun. Although women buy more cars than […]

Fresh, fast, food

Add / Remove Back in 2002, we wrote about Healthy Bites Grill, a healthy alternative to fast food that had just been launched in Florida. While HBG is experiencing slow growth, Kauai, a South African healthy fast food chain, is expanding rapidly. Since 1996, Kauai has opened an average of four stores a year, all […]

Reading glasses for baby boomers

Add / Remove Readerwear is a specialty retailer in Vancouver that sells hundreds of fashion forward, ready-to-wear reading glasses, which are a far cry from the inexpensive but unstylish varieties found in drugstores and department stores. “We recognized that today’s baby boomer wasn’t satisfied with the usual selection of reading glasses — they wanted more […]