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Job interviews, reinvented

Add / Remove HireVue is an online video system developed to help companies speed up the process of job interviews. From Monsterboard to Craigslist to YorZ, advertising jobs online has become a standard part of the recruitment process. The part of recruiting that has been lagging in its uptake of online technology, is the job […]

Innovative olive farmers

Add / Remove Following in the footsteps of vineyard sharing concepts like WineShare and St. Helena Winery’s Adopt-A-Vine, Nudo lets customers adopt an olive tree. Founded by two former British television producers who decided to ditch the rat race for a farm in rural Italy, Nudo is an olive grove that offers trees for adoption. […]

Baby brand spaces

Add / Remove Turkish diaper brand Evy Baby is reaching out to parents by placing changing rooms in shopping malls. Evy Baby is showing parents of nappy-clad infants some well-deserved sympathy. The diaper manufacturer has installed changing rooms in 12 shopping centers, and is planning to open more in the near future. Each clean and […]

Luxury convenience store

Add / Remove Demonstrating yet again that everything can be upgraded, London’s Harrods recently opened a luxury convenience store across the street from its famous Food Halls. Dubbed Harrods 102, the new store brings luxury and convenience together in a one-stop concept. Besides selling groceries and wine, Harrods 102 also houses a Yo! Sushi bar, […]

Personalized postcard vending

Add / Remove Cosmocard machines combine photo booths with postcard vending. Berlin-based Cosmocard developed a machine that lets customers take their picture and have it printed on a themed postcard, all within 90 seconds. The six foot tall machines have been placed at several tourist-friendly locations in Berlin, including the Brandenburg Gate, allowing customers to […]

Wall graphics

Add / Remove Perfect for consumers who love personalizing their spaces and changing their minds, companies like Blik and Wonderful Graffiti sell decorative wall graphics that can be applied and removed at whim. Blik has a wide range of surface graphics, ranging from designs by Keith Haring and Charles & Ray Eames to space invaders […]

Prepaid computing

Add / Remove Using small-dose financing, Microsoft’s FlexGo is attempting to make computers available to more consumers in developing countries. Customers will pay approximately half the price of a computer upfront. Usage is paid by the hour, and after a few hundred hours of use, the user will own the pc outright. Like prepaid cell […]

Fruit for consumers on the go

Add / Remove Although nothing beats fresh fruit, and apples and bananas are conveniently packaged by nature, sometimes consumers favour something even easier. E4B (“Easy for Busy”) steps up to the challenge, packing the puree of multiple fruits into portable pouches. E4B’s mango flavour, for example, contains 2 mangos, 1 apple, half a banana, and […]

Phone for boomers & their parents

Add / Remove While most cell phones tout an abundance of bells and whistles, two companies are focusing on the substantial market for simpler phones. Founded by Arlene Harris, a telecoms veteran, and her husband Martin Cooper, who helped develop the first portable cell phone for Motorola in 1973, GreatCall is a new wireless company […]

Sparschwein | Update

Add / Remove Last year, we featured a German start-up called Sparschwein, which encourages consumers to scavenge their homes for unused items to be sold through auction sites like eBay. The selling process is handled by Sparschwein agents, and Sparschwein deposits proceeds (minus a handling fee) directly into a seller’s saving account, held at Deutsche […]

Custom-made avatars

Add / Remove Two recent spottings highlight a fun new business idea that will definitely appeal to consumers’ gravanity: personalized avatars in their own image. Based in Brooklyn, graphic artist Lina Chen creates digitally illustrated portraits. Working from photographs, her black and white images are stylized likenesses of their subjects. The finished product is a […]

Urban farming | Update

Add / Remove While our last round of urban farming spottings included cow leasing, a city winery and suburban chicken coops, this time round we’re focusing on growing vegetables and herbs. Three ideas to get you inspired: Topsy Turvy Upside Down Tomato Planter | Urban dwellers with a balcony, or even just a roomy fire-escape, […]

Phone backup services

Add / Remove What’s more valuable to consumers: their cellphones or the data stored on them? Services like MightyBackup, Verizon’s Backup Assistant and Sprint’s Wireless Backup offer cellphone users peace of mind by wirelessly backing up phone data. FusionOne, a developer of premium mobile services, created MightyBackup, a wireless services that provides simple, automatic data […]

Upscale sporting goods for women

Add / Remove Reaching out to stylish, active female customers, Paiva is a new retail chain selling upscale athletic wear for women. Offering premium branded and private label apparel, footwear and accessories, Paiva is targeting fashion conscious customers that are willing to pay more for exclusive sportswear that most athletics and department stores don’t stock. […]

Funky kiwi campers

Add / Remove In keeping with today’s mobile theme, Escape Rentals is a New Zealand camper rental company that sets itself apart by letting artists turn camper vans into art on wheels. Taking something slightly dull – a camper – and turning it into something fresh, Escape Rentals is attracting travellers who are tired of […]

Mobile schools

Add / Remove Mobile School is a Belgian foundation that provides portable schools for street children. Instead of taking homeless children and placing them in an institutional setting, which often doesn’t work, the Mobile School reaches out to children in their own environment. The goal isn’t just to teach them basic reading and writing skills, […]

Advertising after dark

Add / Remove Australian Passout Marketing is using nightclub hand stamps for advertising. Inked on the hands and wrists of nightclub patrons, passout stamps are used as proof that someone has paid admission, is of legal drinking age, or can gain re-entrance to a club. Passout Marketing deemed this space too good to go unbranded, […]

Haute design cineplex

Add / Remove Located in the south-east ’13ème’ district of Paris, MK2 Bibliothèque is a grand boutique cineplex. A USD 30 million branch of an 11 theatre chain, the MK2 Bibliothèque (so named for its proximity to the François Mitterrand National Library) features 14 screens, as well as cafes, restaurants, DVD shop, classical music boutique, […]

City bike schemes

Add / Remove Cheap, environmentally friendly and good exercise, urban cycling is on the uprise, aided by smart locking and payment technologies that increase rental income and decrease the likelihood of bikes being stolen or abandoned. Since ever-rising fuel costs are making consumers think twice about using their cars, now’s the time to launch your […]

Kazbah: curated online market

Add / Remove Karmaloop, an online retailer of cutting edge streetwear (“founded in 1999 to battle the evil forces of McFashion”), has just announced that it will launch an online marketplace for up and coming designers and artists. Pitching itself as the new, global bazaar for all things cool, unique and beautiful, Karmaloop’s Kazbah will […]

No-frills chic takes flight in Japan

Add / Remove Like JetBlue, the U.S. carrier that first brought no-frills chic to air travel, Japanese StarFlyer combines low cost with high quality. “Blazing through the world like a comet,” StarFlyer’s homebase is the new airport of western port city Kitakyushu. Flights currently run between Kitakyushu and Tokyo (90 minutes), but the airline is […]