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Dessert-only restaurants

Add / Remove The newest addition to the niche restaurant scene is the dessert bar. Room 4 Dessert (New York), Espai Sucre (Barcelona) and our most recent spotting, ChikaLicious, limit their menus to creative concoctions that satisfy even the most ardent sweet tooth. A tiny 20-seat eatery in New York, founded by husband and wife […]

Lost & found in the 21st century

Add / Remove Last year, we featured a few tech-savvy lost and found services that let consumers label their valuables and recover them if lost or stolen. A recent spotting came in from Singapore, where Bak2u offers various ways of securing expensive gadgets. Bak2u labels have ID numbers and can be stuck on portable devices. […]

Being spaces for mobile warriors | Update

Add / Remove After featuring The Coffee Office on Monday, we were alerted to a very similar concept that was launched in London six weeks ago. The Hubworking Centre (THC) is a business and meeting venue located in the heart of the City of London. Open from 8 am – 8 pm, THC provides flexible […]

Downloading on the go

Add / Remove A world’s first, British UBC Media just announced a download service that will allow consumers to buy songs while listening to them on digital radio. UBC Media, a radio producer that also develops technology products and services for the broadcasting industry, will begin testing the service on Chrysalis Group’s Heart station, with […]

Masonry for beginners

Add / Remove Created by a Dutch company, Brickadoo is a building toy. Instead of providing an easy click-and-go system (like Lego), Brickadoo building kits come with little bags of mortar. Children mix the mortar in a mixing tub and slap it on the bricks with a small trowel. If they want to build something […]

Agency for customer-made ads | Update

Add / Remove Last month, we reported on ViTrue, a new type of ad agency that’s building a platform to encourage consumers to create commercial videos for brands. The Atlanta-based agency’s first campaign is being launched later this week. A partnership with Moe’s Southwest Grill (a fast casual Tex Mex chain of restaurants with over […]

Being space for mobile warriors

Add / Remove The Coffee Office is built for business – meeting spaces, workstations, conference rooms and café are combined into a centre for mobile professionals. Based in Windsor, Ontario, The Coffee Office was founded to offer business professionals everything they need to stay productive outside a traditional office, in what calls a being […]

Saucy chic

Add / Remove Regular readers know we’re fond of saying that everything can be upgraded. Case in point? Worlds away from tawdry shops frequented by men in overcoats, Kiki de Montparnasse has turned the sex shop into an erotic boutique. Adopting the stage name of Alice Prin, a nightclub singer/model/painter who was photographer Man Ray’s […]

No-frills, modular coffins

Add / Remove EveryBody Special is a new, low-cost wooden coffin created to meet extreme demand during emergency situations. Designed by Dutch EveryBody Coffins, the EveryBody Special is a modular coffin that’s extremely easy to assemble. No tools, nails or screws are required – the pieces just click together. The standard material used is 12 […]

Dining insperiences, Parisian style

Add / Remove French Kit a bien manger is doing for Paris what Leaping Salmon did so well for London until they sadly disappeared: delivering semi-ready meals to busy urbanites, who want to dine well, but don’t care for the shopping and chopping. Deliveries include all the ingredients for a stylish dinner, and cooking instructions. […]

Sipping flavour into milk

Add / Remove Sipahh, a new twist on the traditional straw, is filled with naturally flavoured beads that dissolve and impart flavour to cold white milk as it is sipped through the Sipahh. As the tagline says, “Insert into cold milk, Sip, and say Ahh!” Sipahh straws come in six fun flavours (Strawberry, Chocolate, Caramel, […]

Letting customers skip the line

Add / Remove Giving them priority access, Mobo lets customers order from restaurants and pay for meals using sms. How it works? Customers create an account, which includes their credit card details. After signing up for the service, they can order online via, or by text message/sms. The order appears on the restaurant’s in-store […]

Customer-made euro-threads

Add / Remove Following the popularity of US-based Threadless, the ongoing t-shirt design competition that urges users to submit t-shirt designs, a European version has just sprung up. Like Threadless, Derby is a design competition. Members of the public can send in designs, which are given 10 days to be scored by Derby’s visitors. The […]

A deal a day | Update

Add / Remove Woot!, the ‘one day, one deal’ online retailer we reported on in March, has sprouted a new vine. Sidling up to regular Woot, which offers great bargains mainly on electronics and gadgets, Wine Woot focuses solely on fermented grape juice. Taking it slower at ‘one week, one wine’, Wine Woot came about […]

Distilled for members only

Add / Remove Like Nudo and Tribe Wanted, which we recently covered, Ladybank Distilleries is attracting consumers by making them feel highly involved with its product. In this case: Scotch single malt whisky. While the whisky market is dominated by large breweries and a small number of well-known brands, a counter-movement is (inevitably) taking place. […]

Drive-in mobility

Add / Remove Made in Hungary, the Kenguru is a small vehicle that drivers can roll into without leaving their wheelchairs. Designed by Zsolt Varga, Kenguru is small, stylish and cheerful vehicle whose contours are similar to those of a Smart car. But the resemblance stops there. Made to hold one passenger in a manual […]

Brave new retail world

Add / Remove Yet another fashion/lifestyle brand has discovered the promise of virtual worlds and virtual retail, in this case dressing virtual inhabitants: American Apparel (the sweat-shop free apparel phenomenon) will open its virtual doors tomorrow (Saturday, 17 June 2006). The store, set on a private island within Second Life, was designed by Aimee Weber, […]


Add / Remove Not quite what the name suggests, a Brajacket is an advertisement disguised as a dust jacket for a book. According to Trends in Japan, Brajackets are one of the hottest new trends in Japan. Created by an advertising agency (Setup Inc), Brajackets offer consumers a free cover to keep their book nice […]

Gravanity luggage tags

Add / Remove Tapping into consumers’ gravanity, KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) is inviting customers to create their own baggage labels using a favourite holiday snapshot, company logo or creative design. Less imaginative customers can pick one of KLM’s preselected images. Passengers who’ve booked a flight through the airline’s Dutch website can use their confirmation number […]