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Dock and shop

Add / Remove The iFood terminal at Nordiska Kompaniet‘s food hall lets customers hook up their iPod and download audio recipes. The process is described in five simple steps (we couldn’t resist including the Swedish original): 1) Docka – Plug in, 2) Ladda ner – Download, 3) Handla – Purchase, 4) Lyssna – Listen, and […]

Green cleaning service

Add / Remove Based in San Francisco, Greenway Maid is an environment-friendly house and office cleaning service. The company has a staff of professionals trained in green cleaning methods, experienced in busting dust and dirt with non-toxic, biodegradable products. Instead of a standard vacuum cleaner, Greenway uses an HEPA vacuum, which prevents dust and particles […]

Illy takes on Starbucks

Add / Remove As reported in this week’s issue of BusinessWeek, Illy is taking on Starbucks. A few years ago, Illy defined a handful of Illy Bar Concepts: the Core Bar is situated in historic centers, and functions as a meeting point that expresses the culture and the daily life of its location. Landscape Bars […]

Old-fashioned bikes for the new world

Add / Remove Vancouver-based Jorg & Olif sell Dutch bikes to Canadian urban cyclists. The two-year-old company took a classic design and added Japanese hub gears and drum brakes to tackle North American cities (i.e. cities that aren’t utterly flat). Aside from that modification, Jorg & Olif bikes are utterly old-fashioned: heavy and black. A […]

Digital fuel for travel

Add / Remove Launched yesterday at Schiphol Airport, Fuel for Travel lets consumers download travel guides, music, audio books, tv shows and movies to their MP3 players and other digital devices. Located in Schiphol’s Departure Lounges 1 and 2, the Fuel for Travel features listening and viewing stations for travellers to browse digital content. Once […]

Urban farming | Update

Add / Remove A beautiful addition to our previous urban farming spottings, Herbi is a fully adjustable hydroponic herb rack that lets urban farmers grow their favourite herbs on their kitchen counter. Up to six plant ‘silos’ can be connected to a central control unit, which has water and nutrient containers and takes care of […]

Cookies with a cause

Add / Remove As its tagline says, a small South African manufacturer of upmarket cookies and brownies is “creating opportunity, one bite at a time.” Khayelitsha is one of South Africa’s largest townships, located on the outskirts of Capetown. Its inhabitants are locked in a constant struggle against poverty, unemployment and violence. Two years ago, […]

Prepaid downloads

Add / Remove In Turkey, online music store MuziPlay has forged itself a larger market by selling prepaid music cards. Much like prepaid telephone cards, ‘MuziKarts’ are available from newspaper stands and small shops. After activating a code on the card, customers can download and play mp3s using the company’s proprietary MuziPlayer. Cards are available […]

Meal prep goes uptown

Add / Remove While suburban households across the country are welcoming fix-and-freeze dinners to their tables, an urban version of the concept just opened at 63rd and Third in New York. Since New York real estate prices don’t allow for huge communal kitchens, Really Cool Foods has altered the prep kitchen model into ‘component cooking’. […]

Fractional supercar ownership

Add / Remove Offering “intelligent supercar ownership,” écurie25 is a club that gives members the right to drive fine automobiles for 30-40 days per year. Like NetJets does for private jets, écurie25 takes care of the costs and trouble associated with outright ownership; members don’t have to worry about depreciation, insurance and servicing. Customers can […]

Sweet snobmoddity

Add / Remove Most supermarket honey is imported from China and Argentina, and/or blended from many sources, creating a homogenous taste. But, like other commodities that preceded it (water, salt, tea and coffee), honey is now striking back with a sweet vengeance, and artisanal honeys are on the rise. Since honey’s flavour and colour are […]

Wallpaper 2.0 | Update

Add / Remove Wallpaper’s journey from faded to fresh continues. Located in Paris, The Collection is a boutique that pushes luxury wall coverings closer to art. Founded by Allison Grant to promote the work of young British artists in France, The Collection now has partnerships with designers across Europe. The boutique’s offerings are anything but […]

Audiobooks for phones

Add / Remove Bokilur is Swedish for book on phone. And the company offers exactly that: audiobooks for cellphones. To get started, customers download and install a piece of Java-based software, that’s compatible with over 40 phones (both 3G and GPRS). They can then use the software’s interface to browse available titles, and listen to […]

Green rentals

Add / Remove EV Rental Cars is the first US rental car company whose entire fleet consists of hybrid vehicles. The Los Angeles based firm doubled its fleet over the past two years, and now offers fuel-efficient wheels for rent in eight cities in the Western US through a partnership with Fox Rent A Car. […]

Life story caching

Add / Remove Dandelife is a social biography network: a social network built around telling life stories. Building on the notion that stories are best shared, Dandelife offers everyone the opportunity to write and share their personal memoirs online, one story at a time. A user’s ‘vanity page’ shows a horizontal timeline, with events neatly […]

Subscribing to organic produce

Add / Remove Aarstiderne delivers boxes of organic vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and bread directly to the doorstep of customers every week or fortnight. Thirty thousand Danish households subscribe to the system of receiving a mystery box of organic food products on a regular basis. Customers pick a type and size of box, prepay one […]

Playing for water

Add / Remove A PlayPump is a children’s merry-go-round/roundabout attached to a water pump and water storage tank, that provides clean drinking water to children and families in rural Africa. PlayPumps aren’t new (the non-profit venture was founded in 1994), but considering that more than 300 million people in sub-Saharan Africa lack adequate access to […]

Ranking Ranqueen | Update

Add / Remove Earlier this year, we wrote about Japanese retailer Ranking Ranqueen, which takes a radical approach to sales. Every product in the store is part of a top 3, 5 or 10 list. Whether it’s the top 3 bath powders, the top 5 nose hair removers, or the top 10 pasta sauces. Popularity […]

Banking on women

Add / Remove Austria’s first bank for women was recently opened by Raiffeisen in the ski resort town of Gastein. The concept was developed in association with Emotion Banking, which conducted extensive studies about women and finances, and how they interact with banks. Emotion Banking came to the conclusion that women approach finances differently than […]

Branded insperiences

Add / Remove Bacardi Bespoke is a service from Bacardi in the UK that brings bars to customers’ homes or offices. The bars come complete with glasses, ice, equipment, expert cocktail mixologists, a portable bar and a DJ. Naturally, the bartenders make everything with Bacardi, having created new versions of classic cocktails to incorporate Bacardi […]