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Bamn! Rebirth of the automat

Add / Remove Photos by kind permission of Matt Jacobs, Capn Design. The hottest new eatery in New York won’t get rave reviews for fine service provided by its waiters. It doesn’t have any. Nor does Bamn! have tables, cashiers or any of the other basic amenities diners have come to expect. Instead, Bamn is […]

Ultra-personalized banking

Add / Remove Like My Postbank Cards, which we wrote about last year, Garanti Bank’s Flexi Cards allow customers to personalize the look of their bank cards. But Garanti takes the concept a bit further: customers can develop their own banking product. Flexi Cards are Visa cards that let the cardholder make a few key […]

Sell what you say | Update

Add / Remove In March, we wrote about Ether, a service that lets users charge callers by the minute. A similar service is offered by JyvePro, which works with Skype. Writers, tutors, web designers, consultants, lawyers, therapists and anyone else with something to say and sell, can download the JyvePro plug-in (an add-on piece of […]

Because avatars need phones, too

Add / Remove Continuing what’s becoming a Springwise theme, another brand has popped up in the virtual realm of Second Life. This time it’s Telus, Canada’s second largest telco, who opened a store in the sim of Shinda last week. Telus is both the first major Canadian corporation, and the first major telecommunications company to […]

Carbon offsets by sms

Add / Remove World Land Trust, which was founded in 1989 to preserve the world’s most ecologically important and threatened lands, recently created a new way for concerned citizens to help the earth. The foundation now offers carbon offsets by sms/text message. Every time a consumer texts “WLT CARBON” to number 87050 (within the UK), […]

Customer-made wallpaper for naked walls

Add / Remove Combining one of today’s leading consumer trends (customer-made) with a continuing trend in interior design (wallpaper), Naked & Angry just launched its line of user-designed wallpaper. Wallcoverings constitute Naked & Angry’s second series of products featuring patterns created by the brand’s audience. Anyone can submit a pattern design, which is scored by […]

Wine for women

Add / Remove Following our article on a German beer for women, we were alerted to a Dutch wine for women. Sophie & Sophie is rosé wine sold in small bottles. Actually, it’s not quite wine, but a wine ‘refresher’ made from wine (51%), dealcoholized wine (31%), and grape must (18%). Must is the juice […]

First car brand drives into Second Life

Add / Remove Scion just became first automaker to run a campaign in Second Life, releasing virtual cars in the popular metaverse. Toyota’s progressive brand announced the initiative at the Second Life Community Convention in San Francisco. While a real-world version of the boxy Scion xB was driven around a parking lot near the convention […]

Diving for deals: reverse auctions

Add / Remove zeeDive is a reverse auction e-tailer. “The longer you wait, the more you save.” The company doesn’t hold stock. Like eBay, it facilitates auctions between individual buyers and sellers, and the website displays articles for sale in a large variety of categories. If a shopper sees something they want, there are two […]

Household recycling plant

Add / Remove When discussing insperiences (the trend of bringing professional grade products and services into the domestic domain), one thinks of plush home cinemas and chef-worthy kitchens. An indoor recycling plant doesn’t immediately spring to mind. But that could change with the arrival of the Ecopod. Created in partnership with BMW DesignWorksUSA, Ecopod’s E1 […]

Turning phone calls into phonecasts

Add / Remove Voice over IP isn’t just making phone calls cheaper. It’s also spawning innovative services that make calls smarter. Case in point: a new start-up called Pheeder, which allows users to communicate with groups of people simultaneously, with just one phone call. How it works: a registered member calls Pheeder, leaves a message, […]

Let your buses do the talking

Add / Remove London buses will soon carry the world’s first GPS advertising. has retained 25 buses outfitted with digital LED panels that will show messages matching the bus’s geographical position. is using the GPS panel system as part of a five-month campaign to raise awareness of its local search facility. Besides intelligent […]

Flight 001 | Update

Add / Remove While aviation has known easier times, the store devoted to air travel, Flight 001, is doing well. Flight 001 opened in New York in 2002, and was one of the first concepts Springwise covered. So we were happy to hear that the retail chain recently opened a shop in Brooklyn, adding to […]

Being space for mobile warriors | Update

Add / Remove Much like the being spaces for mobile warriors that we previously featured (The Coffee Office in Canada and The Hubworking Centre in the U.K.), South African Habitaz offers flexible office space. A novel twist added by Habitaz is the pre-paid office card. While most of Habitaz’ lease plans are per month, their […]

Pop-up salon for coffee & culture

Add / Remove A trend hybrid, Starbucks Salon is a crossing between pop-up retail, being spaces and brand spaces. Starbucks just announced that it will open a temporary arts and performance coffee house in New York City this fall. The Salon will be open September 8-17th, with tentative plans to pop up in San Francisco, […]

Bands funded by their fans

Add / Remove Aiming to empower independent artists, SellaBand has created a platform that enables fans to sponsor bands, and get a piece of the action in return. How it works: fans, dubbed Believers, find an artist they like on For USD 10, they can buy a share, or ‘Part’. Once the band has […]

Mass made to order, here

Add / Remove Unto This Last is a miniature Ikea, situated on Brick Lane in London’s East End. Like Ikea, prices are low and many products are sold as flat-packs (pre-assembly optional). Unlike Ikea, everything is manufactured uber-locally, and the designs aren’t overly familiar. The workshop uses the latest 3D modelling software to design and […]

Greener drivers ed

Add / Remove Drivers Ed Direct aims to revolutionize the drivers education industry, by getting rid of “old cars, dimly-lit sterile classrooms and out-of-touch instructors”. Not only have the old cars been replaced by brand new cars, they’ve been replaced by gas-electric hybrids: the school’s entire fleet is hybrid. In addition to passenger cars (Toyota […]

Jobs for working moms

Add / Remove Women make up roughly half of the workforce, and a large portion of them are of child-bearing age. Although it’s no secret that employers need to become more family-friendly if they want to attract top talent, many are slow to take action. Which is why Vancouver-based Sarah Fowles and James Sadler created […]

Roaming restaurant

Add / Remove Photo by Vera Devera. Reminiscent of the pop-up cinemas we wrote about earlier (and earlier), Ghetto Gourmet is a ‘wandering supper club for lovers of fine cookin’, conversation and art set in uniquely comfortable environments’. The pop-up restaurant started out as an experiment, in a basement apartment in Oakland, California. Two brothers, […]