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Text it loud & local

Add / Remove Springwise always enjoys simple new business ideas that somehow hook up the local, loud, inebriated offline world with the ubiquitous interaction only possible in cyberspace. Check out Wiffiti, a service that enables people to send text messages to large flat panel displays in venues such as cafes, bars and clubs. Messages sent […]

Shoes for good

Add / Remove While traveling through Argentina, Blake Mycoskie came across canvas shoes that his feet took an instant liking to. He took the alpargatas–comfortable utility shoes that resemble espadrilles–reworked them a bit, and started TOMS Shoes. Not just casual chic slip-ons that were spotted all over L.A. this summer, TOMS Shoes give new meaning […]


Add / Remove Touted as the UK’s first eco-friendly car insurance, Ecoinsurance offers customers a cleaner conscience and a greener planet, at no extra cost. Each vehicle insurance policy comes with carbon offsets for 20% of the customer’s car’s CO2 emissions, based on an average passenger car with average annual mileage. Customers who drive cars […]

Cone shaped pizzas | Update

Add / Remove Time for an update: here we are working hard to bring you sophisticated new business ideas from around the globe, and guess what brought in the largest number of readers? Our piece last year on Kono Pizza: pizza in a cone. (From Kono Pizza’s site: “the result of advanced studies and research […]

Designer garages

Add / Remove To many men – and a few women – the garage is a haven for unadulterated self-indulgence. When Vault founder Chad Haas was looking to outfit his new garage, he realized there was nothing suitable on the market. Demanding high quality and stylish furnishing and accessories, Haas found nothing quite lived up […]

Sophisticated soda

Add / Remove DRY Soda is the first culinary soda in a line of all-natural, lightly sweetened beverages designed for those wanting a sophisticated non-alcoholic option to accompany a meal. The soda is currently being sold in four flavors: kumquat, rhubarb, lemongrass and lavender. All natural, non-caffeinated, flavored with fruit and herb extracts and sweetened […]

Tour guides for virtual travel

Add / Remove Here’s a very clever and very ‘now’ idea: a travel agency for virtual worlds. Synthravels is the first travel organization to offer a guide service to anyone who wants to tour highly-hyped virtual worlds like Second Life or World of Warcraft. The increasing complexity of virtual worlds is making them more interesting, […]

Mastic fantastic

Add / Remove There’s a new premium commodity in town, and its name is mastiha. Those of you with no ties to the Eastern Mediterranean or the Middle-East are forgiven for not knowing exactly what mastiha, or mastic gum, is. It’s a product of the mastic tree, which is mainly cultivated on Chios, a Greek […]

Sticky car art

Add / Remove Back in the sixties, the Volkswagen Beetle’s iconic curves were habitually adorned with painted daisies and peace signs. Customization is still highly popular, though more often than not it’s now an optional extra. In a world saturated with mass-produced products, Volkswagen UK has jumped on the custom-made bandwagon by offering customers the […]

Jet-sized gravanity

Add / Remove It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s a picture of your wife on a camel in the Sahara, on a Boeing 737! Dutch airline Transavia recently held a photo competition that we couldn’t help but notice. To celebrate its 40th anniversary, the holiday transporter invited passengers to send in pictures taken in […]

Gourmet burgers

Add / Remove Repeating our premise that everything can and will be upgraded, we bring you London’s Gourmet Burger Kitchen – a rapidly growing chain of sit-down restaurants offering nothing but high-end burgers. Winner of several ‘best burger’ and ‘best cheap eat’ awards, the idea behind the Gourmet Burger Kitchen is to take what was […]

Luxury loos on location

Add / Remove Tired of our Everything Can be Upgraded theme yet? We’re not. Not as long as there are new business ideas like Igloo’s Luxury Portable Loos. Offering the ‘ultimate luxury portable toilets for the corporate and private events industry within the UK and across Europe’, the company has beautified (and sanitized) events like […]

Background music for the web

Add / Remove Here’s an idea that was waiting to happen: Sonific provides ‘soundtracks for your digital life’, allowing users to select tracks from the company’s library (which contains thousands songs by independent artists and from record labels whose music has been licensed for this purpose), and then create their own ‘SongSpots’. Naturally, users can […]

Vending that kills the frizz

Add / Remove Born out of frustration from hearing their female friends complaining of frizzy hair, entreprenuers Richard Starrett and Neil Macka took it upon themselves to devise a solution. They came up with the Straight Up machine. Trading under the name Beautiful Vending Ltd, the two men realised there was a gap in the […]

Seafaring campus

Add / Remove Educational, cultural and fun, the Scholar Ship presents a new model for international education. The Scholar Ship is a semester-long academic program aboard a dedicated passenger ship that will traverse the globe on an itinerary that brings the world to its students. Although not entirely novel – similar initiatives SEA and Semester […]

Test-sleeping for homebuyers

Add / Remove Taking try-before-you-buy to new heights is New Zealand Ruatuna, which lets potential customers stay overnight in one of the company’s straw built homes. Customers can book a night’s accommodation to get a real feel for the type of house and whether they truly like the design. It’s a far cry from traditional […]

Hot nightclub, minus global warming

Add / Remove Kicking off in Rotterdam’s Off_Corso on October 14th is the Sustainable Dance Club. The kick-off party will feature biological beer on tap and fair-trade clothing brand Kuyichi helping clubbers customize their clothes. The end concept will go much further. Enviu, an environmental NGO for young people, is working together with architectural firm […]

Party suites for teens

Add / Remove Kids’ birthday parties are not what they used to be. More than a small soiree at home, with food, fizzy drinks, games and screaming kids, children’s parties have gone sophisticato. It’s estimated that UK parents are spending in excess of GBP 1 billion on giving their children a party to remember. With […]

Reverse vending

Add / Remove A co-operative venture between Stirlingshire Vending and Reverse Vending Corporation brings reVend & Spend, a product innovation that utilizes advanced technology to identify, sort, collect and process used beverage containers. Reverse vending machines (RVMs) are as the name suggests, vending machines that allow consumers to deposit used beverage containers. Instead of spewing […]